Question by Alexia: What can I do to stop my jealous potty trained dog from peeing in the house????
I have a 1-year-old Coonhound that is smart as can be. She’s been potty trained for several months and is trained to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. Pyper (my dog) is even trained to relieve herself in a 10ft by 10ft area in the backyard. Pyper hasn’t had any problems with this system of ours until *cue dramatic music* we brought home Kuno.

Kuno is a 9-week-old coonhound. Both Pyper and Kuno play and play for hours and have exhibited no aggresive behavior towards each other. However, I think Pyper is a wee bit jealous of Kuno because Pyper has just peed and pooped in the house more times in the last week than she ever had as a puppy. Pyper isn’t even ringing her bell anymore. She just goes on the floor and leaves it for me or my husband to find.

Any suggestions to help Pyper out? I don’t want to “potty train” two dogs! Handling lil Kuno is enough!

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Answer by Tiffy
Are you using the same method with Kuno that you did Pyper, i.e. ringing the bell and such? If not, maybe she sees it as “well if he doesn’t have to do it, then I don’t either”. But maybe since the new pup is in the house, she’s reverting back to old ways and just needs to be reminded what to do again….Maybe after seeing him do it wrong??

I just got a new pup, and I hope I don’t have to go through this. But my old one will be 2 in June. I’m trying to catch her at EVERY opportunity to take her outside.

By the way, I like coonhounds as well. My grandparents breed them and STILL use them for what their bred to do. They LOVE the hunt:) It sooo great to watch them in action!!

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