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Maryland In Home Dog Training Service has a Mission to Keep “Dogs with Behavior Problems” Out of the Animal Shelters

Maryland In Home Dog Training Service has a Mission to Keep “Dogs with Behavior Problems” Out of the Animal Shelters

Janet with one of her rescue dogs “Claudia”

Severn, MD (PRWEB) June 21, 2010

Training Paws in-home dog training service is catching on in MD! “We offer a convenient, in home dog training service for dog owners who don’t have the time to take their dogs to obedience classes,” says Janet Oquendo, owner of the Severn, MD based service. “We work with dogs and their owners in teaching obedience training techniques, dog manners, as well as resolving problem behaviors”.

The idea came to Janet, after speaking with dog owners whose dogs had simple behavior problems; unable to resolve the problems themselves, many believe their only alternative is to surrender their dog the shelter. “Due to busy work and family schedules attending dog obedience training classes is usually the biggest challenge for many owners. The great thing about our in-home dog training service is we can accommodate families and their schedules, in the comfort of their own home, while working on modifying their dog’s behavior”.

“The biggest disservice anyone can do to their dog is to not take them to an experienced dog trainer for obedience learning,” says Oquendo. “The average dog owner, even though they love their dog and have the best of intentions, is not qualified to understand dog behavior, and is not equipped to provide the necessary training to achieve the desired results.”

“Sadly, the number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelters is due to common behavior problems – the same problems which can be resolved quickly with the help of an experienced dog trainer”, Oquendo said.

Oquendo currently owns 4 rescue dogs and has trained under some of the area’s leading dog trainers. She is aware of the limited number of positive reinforcement dog trainers available in the area, as well as the subsequent use of services offered by trainers who use highly aversive training methods which often “do more harm than good”. Oquendo is passionate about working one on one with families and their pets in order to help them understand their dogs behavior, and modifying undesirable behavior through positive reinforcement training techniques. “I work with clients who do not know how to house break their dog, or their dog may demonstrate destructive behavior, or they simply cannot get their dog to stop jumping on people, it’s a simple and effective method,” she says. “We ask the dog for a particular behavior, we show the dog the desired behavior, and we reward the dog every time they get it right.” When asked the question “Why positive reinforcement?” her answer is simply “because it works!”

“When I work with a family and their dog on a particular behavior issue, and I know as a result of my help for them and their dog has saved that dog from being given up to the shelter, it proves to me that my in home dog training service invaluable to all who use it”.

For additional information on Training Paws, call 410.299.1013 or visit Janet’s website click “Training Paws.”



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essence’s Children’s Songs CD: ‘A Dog Named Moo’ a Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids & Kids-at-Heart

essence’s Children’s Songs CD: ‘A Dog Named Moo’ a Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids & Kids-at-Heart

CD Cover Artwork

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) November 10, 2011

Just in time for holiday giving, this fourth album by essence (her real name uses a lower-case e), “A Dog Named Moo” is a collection of heartfelt songs as a gift of love for her son Rhys, who has been enjoying the lighthearted, humorous little ditties his mom’s been singing to him since he was born. It occurred to essence that other kids would enjoy them too, so she turned these real life rhymes into full songs and created her latest CD.

“I never set out to make a kid’s record,” essence explains. “It was the furthest thing from my mind but when I had my son Rhys – I needed to find creative ways to engage him in everyday events like taking baths, getting dressed, or wearing a seat belt. For awhile I was making up little ditties and then one day it dawned on me that these were real songs. At first I was horrified because I wanted to make rock ‘n’ roll music, but what I realized is that I am a songwriter who writes about life, and becoming a mom has been the most profound experience – it has changed me forever. I find great satisfaction in capturing the joy I was experiencing with my son in songs. Then everything became a song!”

essence produced “A Dog Named Moo” by a grassroots method. She proved that making a quality album does not require a production company or a huge outlay of her own money. Through Kickstarter (video by Alex Hendricks), she reached out to her community asking if they would help fund her project. With the support of her friends and fans she was able to raise close to twenty thousand dollars allowing her to live her artistic dream. Most songs were co-written by Jeffrey Pease with illustrations by Alex Conn. The banjo, ukulele, guitars, upright bass and drums were played by instrumental extraordinaire Daniel Berkman. essence credits her management consultant Dick Wingate (Bruce Springsteen, Aimee Mann, Elvis Costello) and her ultimate influences – her cherished son and treasured father.

About essence: Billboard Magazine describes essence as “a singer, who, like Madonna, isn’t afraid to take musical chances.” A sixth generation San Francisco native, her parents were quintessential flower children from Haight-Ashbury. She traveled extensively, lived in Africa and Europe and went to 14 schools before fifth grade. Upon graduating from college, essence signed to a division of MCA Records. In 1998, she won The National Lilith Fair Talent Search (5,000 entries). essence was then signed to RCA records for three years and worked with producer Bill Bottrell (Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow). With producer Garth May, she completed her critically acclaimed “Mariposa” record. Subsequently she signed with Or Music (Los Lonely Boys, Matisyahu) out of Manhattan. essence produced “Feels Like The Future” independently in 2009 which lead to winning the grand prize for the Great American Song Contest (15,000 entries), and second place in the International Song Writing Contest (2010). The title track was prominently featured on “Access Hollywood,” and several songs played live and recorded on the nationally syndicated “Art of the Song” (240 NPR affiliated stations).

essence has opened for Jason Mraz, Shawn Colvin, Tom Petty, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, Chrissie Hynde, Steve Miller, Linda Perry and the Indigo Girls. Essence’s voice and style has been compared to Jewel, Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos and Imogen Heap. Her key inspirations are Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell and Willie Nelson. More information about essence can be found at

About the full project: In addition to the CD, “A Dog Named Moo,” essence is creating “T REXXX!” as a book, “Everybody Has a Butt” as a smart phone app, and three videos (“T REXXXX!” in claymation, “Everybody Has a Butt” and “Yum Yum.”). Please stay tuned for details.

Purchase CD on

Essence will be performing extensively to promote her “A Dog Named Moo” CD, book, app & videos – Performances can be arranged by going to her website    

Songs on the album:

“A Dog Named Moo,” is about Rhys’ best friend, a 140-pound Newfoundland dog named Moo. essence says, “people think Moo looks like a cow or a giant panda bear; he’s the most charismatic and lovable dog in the world. Moo’s a ‘huge’ part of our lives, no pun intended.”

“Gotta Wear Clothes,” is a song essence wrote to engage Rhys and motivate him to do everyday tasks like take a bath, get dressed, wear a seat belt, blow his nose, or eat his peas. One day it dawned on her it could be the first song of a kid’s CD.

“T REXXXX!” was a request by Rhys; he was obsessed with Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs and wanted a song with pictures that moved. To satisfy his request, for the holidays essence is turning the spirited story into a book and a claymation animated video produced by award-winning producer Jennifer Steinman (Emerging Visions Audience Award – SXSW 2006), and animation by director Steve Girard.

“Everybody Has a Butt,” was co-written by Lara Miya Milrod and Jeffrey Pease. It’s a joke song about how we are all actually the same in so many ways. A music video and app produced by Alecs Petrovich is set for holiday release.

“Socks On My Ears,” was written to turn getting dressed into a game. Often Rhys would rather not wear clothes and loved running around naked. “Sometimes wrangling him into his clothes can take an hour,” essence says, “only to turn around five minutes later and find he’s stripped them off and is running through the house in his birthday suit. This song makes wearing clothes a silly game because you wear all the pieces on the wrong parts.”

“Rocks n’ Sand,” is actually, “Roxanne” by the Police and essence says, “Rhys dances all around the house singing it, except he thinks Sting is singing ‘rocks and sand.’ I decided to run with his inspiration and make a parody of the song from a kid’s perspective about a day at the beach. It’s an ironic twist on the original intense and dark lyrics, now so playful and innocent.”

“Comin’ to Getcha!,” was co-written by her cousin Sim Bentel. It’s about a game most kids love, “Hide & Seek.” essence says, “I’ve spent endless hours seeking Rhys in his favorite hiding places – this song wrote itself!”

“You Are My Sunshine,” is the first song essence ever learned. Her dad taught it to her. She says, “it’s about love, and impermanence, and cherishing those close to you. This song is dedicated to my father, who raised me on his own and was my best friend. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly when I was pregnant. I also dedicate this song to my son. It is amazing how the cycle of life and love continues. I honor my father through loving my son.”

“Hey Kangaroo,” was written when Rhys was only 10 days old. It is her version of a love song for him. “I just looked at Rhys in my arms and started singing this song to him,” essence commented.

“Bird In Your Ear,” inspired by a verse in a Dr. Seuss book about animals making different sounds. When essence came up with these scenarios, the two of them laughed hysterically, so she made it into a song.

“Let’s Make A Pizza” was written by acclaimed singer-songwriter, Enzo Garcia. essence says, “Rhys and I have fun singing this song – kind of a modern take on ‘Patty Cake Patty Cake’ or ‘Peanut Butter & Jelly.’ He learned the words quickly and loves the hand movements that accompany the song. It’s fun to sing over – it gets faster and faster and then even faster.”

“Yum Yum,” essence says is most likely the silliest song she’s ever written -“I don’t know where it came from or what it’s about. I was camping and sitting in my tent by the Yuba River. I was eating a cherry blow-pop and playing my guitar in the dark. The song emerged whole. I actually saw the words in front of my eyes. It’s just pure happiness, and I can see little figures dancing in my mind when I sing it.” Producer/engineer is Karl Derfler.

“When You Wish Upon a Star,” reminds essence of her childhood, watching Pinocchio and eating popcorn with her dad. essence says, “This song has always made me feel that anything can happen and all I have to do is will it to the universe. I believe this and want kids to know life has limitless possibilities. All they need to do is dream BIG … grownups, too. It’s about the law of attraction.”



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Cool “dog T Shirts” images

A few nice dog t shirts images I found:

Dapper Kittyman II

Image by victoriafee
This is Kittyman in a dog t-shirt from Old Navy. It has a tie and suspenders on it. *snort*

Pirateless Parrots

Image by Rick’s Pix
These guys were at "Jake’s Cargo", a spin-off from the Salty Dog T-Shirt shop.

Beer geeks @ Borefts 2011

Image by Bernt Rostad
Beer geeks or rather RateBeerians gathered at Borefts 2011.

My friend Vincent, with his back to the camera in a Hair of the Dog t-shirt. Todd, number two from the right – facing this way, had brought along several bottles of beer to share with fellow raters, beer geeks and brewers at the festival.