A few nice dog t shirts images I found:

Dapper Kittyman II

Image by victoriafee
This is Kittyman in a dog t-shirt from Old Navy. It has a tie and suspenders on it. *snort*

Pirateless Parrots

Image by Rick’s Pix
These guys were at "Jake’s Cargo", a spin-off from the Salty Dog T-Shirt shop.

Beer geeks @ Borefts 2011

Image by Bernt Rostad
Beer geeks or rather RateBeerians gathered at Borefts 2011.

My friend Vincent, with his back to the camera in a Hair of the Dog t-shirt. Todd, number two from the right – facing this way, had brought along several bottles of beer to share with fellow raters, beer geeks and brewers at the festival.

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