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Dog Lovers: Would you like to share this with someone?

Question by Boycott Hollywd Commies: Dog Lovers: Would you like to share this with someone?
A Little Dog Angel
High up in the courts of heaven today
a little dog angel waits;
with the other angels he will not play,
but he sits alone at the gates.
”For I know my master will come” says he,
”and when he comes he will call for me.”
The other angels pass him by
As they hurry toward the throne,
And he watches them with a wistful eye
as he sits at the gates alone.
”But I know if I just wait patiently
that someday my master will call for me.”
And his master, down on earth below,
as he sits in his easy chair,
forgets sometimes, and whispers low
to the dog who is not there.
And the little dog angel cocks his ears
and dreams that his master’s voice he hears.
And when at last his master waits
outside in the dark and cold,
for the hand of death to open the door,
that leads to those courts of gold,
he will hear a sound through the gathering dark,
a little dog angel’s bark.
~ Author Unknown ~

Best answer:

Answer by wolverineguy1245
Very nice poem. Have you read the “Rainbow Bridge”? They are both very true of the character of any pet, not just dogs.

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Washable Doggie Dungarees – Dog Diaper X-Large

Washable Doggie Dungarees – Dog Diaper X-Large

  • Washable Dog Diaper designed for male or female dogs and cats!
  • Great for in seasonal flow, excitable pets, incontinence, and senior pets
  • For light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination the garments may be used alone, or in conjunction with the absorbent liners.
  • Stylish denim diaper!

Our dog diapers are designed for male or female dogs that are incontinent, or for pets that experience excitable urination. They are also great for housebreaking puppies, or for female dogs in heat. THEY EVEN WORK FOR CATS!!
Each dog diaper is made of durable, soft, Cotton Denim (similar to the material that blue jeans are made of). They are lined with a soft plaid flannel fabric for added comfort and an absorbent mesh liner that can hold an absorbent liner for protection against a heavier flow

Price: $ 11.89

Simple Solution Disposable Liners Heavy Absorbency 10 Count

  • Super absorbent
  • Attaches to Diaper Garment
  • Used for heavy flow and urination
  • Great to use for traveling, incontinence, and females in heat
  • 10 Count

Our Disposable Diaper Garment Pads absorb wetness and eliminates messes from excitable urination, incontinence, male marking or for puppies that are not yet housetrained.To attach, simply remove the adhesive strip and place on the mesh liner under the diaper tail hole for a comfortable, secure fitFor use with the large sized Simple Solution Diaper Garments or Male Diaper Garment Wrap.

List Price: $ 8.08

Price: $ 4.06

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Tomkins Square Park, Apr 2010 – 14

A few nice dog news images I found:

Tomkins Square Park, Apr 2010 – 14

Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in an Apr 14, 2010 EveryBlock New York City zipcode block titled "10009." It was also published in an Apr 28, 2011 blog titled "In a Slow Economy, Rentals Zoom – In the Region/Westchester|Lastest New York Dog News]."


Ever since I first arrived in New York City in the late 60s, I’ve known that the "scene" in the East Village was centered in St. Marks Place and Tompkins Square; that’s where you went to find the music, the hippies, the drugs, the homeless people, and the excitement … and, quite often, the cops and the folks that you’d just as soon not encounter after dark. But despite having ridden and driven past the park numerous times, I never actually spent any time there; so, in the spirit of checking out my long list of unexplored spots in the Big Apple, I decided to spend an hour or two in the park this past weekend.

While I knew that Tompkins Square Park had maintained a certain level of notoriety since the 60s, I didn’t realize that its "activist" roots went back much further. Opened in 1850m and named after Daniel Tompkins — a Vice President under James Monroe, and the governor of New York from 1808-1817 — the park was the scene of the deadly 1863 Draft Riots during the Civil War, and was the scene of attacks, in 1857, by the police on immigrants protesting unemployment and food shortages. It was also the scene of the "Tompkins Square Riot" in 1874, when police crushed a demonstration involving several thousand workers; and the scene of a squabble with the National Guard in 1877 when 5,000 people gathered to hear Communist revolutionary speeches.

Well, all of that is past — and even the riot of August 1988, when 44 people were injured when police attempted to clear the park of homeless people seems lost in dim memories. Today, the park is clean and friendly, with lots of children, families, and people with dogs wandering its pathways and stretching out on the large grassy areas. At the same time, I found that it lacked the energy, the vitality, and the hard-to-define "buzz" that I’ve felt in other parks around the city. There were no musicians, no artists, no jugglers, no mimes, no fountains with children splashing in the water. There was a guy making some kind of religious speech on a loudspeaker, but most people ignored him; the only comment I heard was a loud, grouchy, "Aw, shut up!" from someone passing by. There were a couple of chess games underway at the entrance on 7th Street and Avenue "A," but even those seemed somewhat listless and lackluster…

Maybe I just picked the wrong weekend; it turns out, for example, that the French Embassy and the NYC Department of Parks sponsor a free outdoor French film festival at sunset on Friday nights in June and July. And then there’s the Halloween party (in October, obviously, not in April), which boasts an annual attendance of 2,000 spectators and 400 costumed dogs (all of which is part of a fundraiser to maintain the large dog run in one corner of the park).

But while I was here, I wandered around and took a couple hundred photos of the people who seemed most interesting … from which I chose 20 that seemed worthy of uploading to Flickr. That’s what you’ll find in this set.

the dog news

Image by MBK (Marjie)
Dogs don’t get their news from the papers. Touille totally ignores the newpaper dispenser and sniffs the ground for the latest doggie dispatch.

Bull Dog News

Image by javacolleen

Tess Ready for National Sheepdog Finals – Sponsored by Dynamite Specialty Products

Tess Ready for National Sheepdog Finals – Sponsored by Dynamite Specialty Products

Champion sheepdog Tess relies on Dyna-Pro dog prebiotics in competition.

Carbondale, Colo. (PRWEB) September 13, 2011

Tess, the champion sheepdog sponsored by Dynamite Specialty Products, is ready for the National Sheepdog Finals starting here today.

The trials, overseen by the U.S. Border Collie Handler’s Association, will determine the nation’s champion dog in herding sheep.

Tess, whose sponsor makes all-natural dog food and nutritional supplements, already has plenty of credits in the sheepherding world. She placed fourth in the nation in 2009, was Western states regional champion in 2009 and took home the bronze medal at the Soldier Hollow Classic in 2010. Earlier this year she placed first in the Lacamas Valley Sheepdog Trials near Camas, Wash.

Her handler, Lavon Calzacorta, believes that much of her success, in addition to her training, is due to Dynamite’s dog prebiotic, all-natural dog food and dietary supplements designed to provide both mental and physical energy.

“My dogs look good, feel great and run well,” he said. “They work for 12 to 14 minutes at a time at full speed. Some dogs are exhausted when they come off the field. Mine are still ready to go.

“Our slogan is that ‘It’s all about guts,’” he added. “It takes guts for a dog to stare down an old, angry ewe that doesn’t want to move. The dog’s physical guts also have to be working properly. If a dog doesn’t feel good, it won’t perform well.”

Calzacorta noted that Dyna-Pro prebiotic is a constant ingredient in the diet for both Tess and her younger brother, Gus, who is starting to compile his own list of wins. Dyna-Pro uses a fermentation extract for the health of natural gut bacteria. It is available for dogs, horses and other species.

Two other dogs raised on Dynamite products, he noted, recently took first places in the Washington state sheepdog trials. They are Nan and Rainey, owned by Diana Pagel of Carnation, Wash.

Dynamite products also are available through more than 4,000 individual distributors across the country. All products use only natural ingredients and are made in the United States for quality control. Dynamite’s recently developed Ultimate Dog Food is a raw, grain-free dog food that does not need to be refrigerated.

Additional information about Dyna-Pro and other Dynamite products is available at Dynamite’s headquarters are in Meridian, Idaho, and additional mills are in Iowa.

Additional information about the trails is available at



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