Question by Maltese Mamma (67 days!): What am I not doing right for my dog?
First let me state that I will call the vet when he opens here in a few minutes.

He is a 2 year old Maltese currently weighing 3 pounds 9 ounces. His 2 year birthday was 10/1, 2 months ago he hit 4 pounds 4 ounces (I weigh him monthly). The vet says that he is very healthy, he goes bimonthly for checkups because of numerous health issues when he was a pup. (when I got him I didn’t know much about telling a good breeder from a bad, and he came from a BYB) I love him and would give the world for him, but wish I would have been more knowledgeable when getting him. As per the vet he’s been eating (free fed) Merrick puppy kibble for 1.5 years (because its higher in nutrients) and also has a “treat” of Merrick wet at lunch, he came from the breeder eating Pedigree, which I thought was a good food. Recently he hasn’t seemed right, he’s his normal happy self but my “mommy instincts” say something isn’t quite right. His eyes are bright, just as playful as always, beautiful coat, very responsive, free of internal parasites, and sleeps about 10 hours a day. However he does shake a lot like he did when he was having hypoglycemic fits when he was a pup. I’ve been giving him nutrical and sugar water everyday. (the vet suggests that I do that for the rest of his life). Other than the weight loss and shaking tho, he seems perfectly fine. Am I being paranoid or is there an underlying problem that my vet is missing?

Also, his toes are really dry and flaky where his toenail comes out, could it be because his paws get wet when he goes out and I don’t dry them?

I forgot to mention, he doesn’t feel skinny or dehydrated. I feel his spine and ribs each day and do the skin pinch test, and he never feels skinny or dehydrated. He eats about 1.5 cups of food and drinks about 1.5 cups of water each day, which the vet also says is normal for a dog his size.

Also, we play half an hour of fetch twice daily and go on a half mile walk after “dinner”.

When I say health issues as a pup I mean that he had hypoglycemia that almost took his life, he also had a heatstroke and we had to administer CPR and also, he was once playing fetch on a hardwood floor, his front paws slipped out from under him and he hit his head, he had a seizure and his eyes rolled back, I gave him CPR on the way to the vet, and surprisingly he lived.
Infinitely Superior, if you recall the details of that question in regards to housebreaking, and the answers, it is I who wasn’t house broke. So yes. My dog is house broke and he hasn’t had an accident inside since.
Just because you think Ol Roy is a good food doesn’t mean anyone else does.
And grooming my dog poorly??? Excuse me but I’m a professional groomer, I know what needs done for a Maltese in regards to grooming.
And sugar isn’t poison, its reccomended by a vet.

Do you know anything about dogs?
As I stated yesterday, the more you answer questions the more your true ignorance shows, I’d stop while you’re ahead if I were you.

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Answer by mr balloon hands
get him a llama.

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