May Is Dog Health Awareness Month at Pup Life; Learn How You Can Improve Your Dog’s Health And Longevity At Pup Life

Fennville, MI (PRWEB) April 18, 2006

More and more Americans are concerned about creating healthy lifestyles for themselves and their dogs. With dog ownership on the rise, so too is interest in natural dog supplements, organic dog food and holistic health care for dogs. Pup Life, one of the nation’s fastest growing online retailer of healthy dog supplies, is once again sponsoring Dog Health Awareness Month this May.

Pup Life’s Dog Health Awareness Month 2006 will feature news, articles, interviews and dog care tips focusing on dog obesity, weight management, exercise, dog sports and healthy, natural dog foods. Pup Life, CEO, Eric Houtkooper says, “Throughout the month of May we will be featuring interesting and informative articles about creating healthy canine lifestyles with industry leaders including Lucy Postins of The Honest Kitchen. Ms. Postins will speak about the importance of a healthy diet and if switching to a dehydrated raw diet is right for your dog. We will also be talking with Cheryl Carter, agility expert and dog trainer at Candy’s Canines. Cheryl has some great tips on exercise and fitness.”

“Pup Life is proud to sell all-natural dog products, and we do what we can to educate new dog owners whenever possible,” says Mr. Houtkooper. As part of Pup Life’s Dog Health Awareness Month, the web site ( will feature a variety of articles and interviews to help dog owners enhance their dog’s health and lifestyle. One issue Pup Life is specifically concerned about is the increase in dog obesity. Pup Life CEO, Leslie Hayes-Houtkooper says, “As guardians of our dogs’ health and happiness, we need to be aware of the dangers of obesity.” Dog owners should discuss proper weight and weight management with their veterinarian. “We are seeing an increase in liver disease, kidney diease, diabetes and structural complications like hip displaysia in the canine population. These increases can all be linked to the rise in dog obesity,” remarked Leslie Hayes-Houtkooper. “You can combat obesity and complications from obesity by incorporating simple things into you and your dog’s lifestyle including increased exercise, feeding raw or dehydrated raw dog food and even participating in dog sports like agility or obedience competition,” added Ms. Hayes-Houtkooper.

A simple health affirming strategy for dogs and owners alike has been well-tested and proven over time. “Exercise and eat right,” says Leslie. “It can make a world of difference for you and dog! Most dogs need more exercise than they actually get. Many people find that when they increase the amount of exercise their dogs get, behavior problems like chewing, barking and digging diminish greatly. Furthermore, engaging with your dog mentally as well as physically is not only good for her, it is also good for you,” Leslie continued. Eric Houtkooper agreed, saying, “It’s important to schedule exercise and playtime into your daily routine, otherwise it’s too easy to overlook it. We take our dogs on daily walks and incorporate playtime and training time on a daily basis.” Eric continued, “Most Americans lead busy, hectic lives so don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to add another item to your list of things to do. Exercise, playtime and training time can easily be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Turn your walks into training walks, take your dog for a jog on the beach or at the park. You’ll not only be increasing your dog’s health and fitness, you’ll be promoting yours as well.”

This is the third year Pup Life is celebrating May as Dog Health Awareness Month. Pup Life will be offering deep discounts on healthy treats, dog food and natural supplements all month long to encourage dog owners to think about their dog’s health. “Once owners try our healthy dog food, treats and supplements, most stick with them and never go back to the cheaper chain-store brands,” says Leslie Hayes-Houtkooper. She added, “Healthier dogs mean fewer vet bills, and that is good for you and your dog.”

Pup Life is one of the fastest growing online retailers in the pet supply industry. Pup Life focuses on healthy, natural dog supplies, and offers the finest natural dog food and treats, designer dog collars and pet carriers, as well as crates, toys and natural grooming supplies. Pup Life’s website offers a variety of information on how to create a healthy lifestyle for your dog including positive reinforcement training tips, health care tips and interviews with leaders in the pet care industry. Pup Life has been featured in 944 Magazine, Miva Corporation’s Online Galleria and Domino Magazine. Additionally, Pup Life enjoys widespread readership of its blog, the Pup Life Dog Blog (, a blog for dogs and their people.

Pup Life is the place where conscientious dog owners can find up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in the world of companion animals. Pup Life offers the best products for pets online. Our mission is to provide the finest products for your dog along with reliable information and superior customer service. As a business, we strive to promote ethical treatment of animals, and we encourage compassion and responsibility toward our pets. Most of all, we celebrate the incredible bond between humans and animals.

For more information, contact Leslie Hayes-Houtkooper at 269-561-2570 or visit


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