Question by : How do you properly train a dog?? please read?
I especially hear this alot with rottweilers.That You are suppose to “properly” train a rott so he will be well behaved. And how you have to show a rottweiler that your dominant. How do you properly train a dog or train him correctly, so he won’t be to aggressive and will respect you???

Rottweilers especially! i hear all the time that you NEED to train a rott and you need to train him/her right! and show him that your the leader.

I would really like to know though, how do you correctly train a dog or rottweiler, so they are well behaved and respect you?
Please don’t just go answering this question by saying “take them to obedience classes” and “socialize them”
that just isn’t enough info for me sorry<: ) Why? first because i really honastly think obedience classes are a waste of money and they really don't do much. I don't think. And socialization. that won't just make a dog perfectly trained. I'm asking one of you good dog trainers, how do you correctly train a dog, show them your the leader, By the way i really need to know that, you know showing your dog your boss and not them, and make them respect you? How do you do this EXACTLY??? Here look at this too. This is with rottweilers. Best answer:

Answer by Canadian_mom
Since you believe obedience classes are a waste of money and that socializing the dog doesn’t work, you will not be able to perfectly train a rottweiler.
Training is knowledge, confidence and patience. There’s no magic trick to it.
It starts from the day a pup comes home with you when you begin to teach it what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. I use a crate to help with boundary issues and I’ve never brought a pup home when I wasn’t off work for at least a solid week so I could spend 24 hours a day with it.
My dog is perfectly trained. I can take a steak from her mouth or place food in front of her she loves and she won’t touch it until I give the command. She sits, heels and obeys immediately when anyone in the family commands. (she also plays and cuddles whenever she can)

It took a year to get her to the point she’s at now, with 7 years of reinforcing the behaviors.
Untrained owners can’t train a dog… so obedience classes are the best first start since the main thrust of them is to train the owner!

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