Question by : Questions about my puppy, important questions!?
Okay so i am 13 years old, and I am getting my very first puppy! ()dont worry , Im probally one of the most responsible people youll ever meet)

So I have already researched the breed(Labrador Retriever *bench bred type* ), and I have been online shopping for all the necesities: crate, baby gates, toys, chew toys, HEALTHY food, food and water bowl(elevated, no tip no skid, collar leash harness, etc
Its a black lab from a breeder, and I’m thinking of calling her “Boo”
Also, yes I know about shelters. My two cats that I LOVE are from shelters. BUT i plan on doing some agility, or best of breed showing or something like that:)

So I have a few concerns/questions:

1.)So I already know that within the first 48 hours to go to the vet for a puppy wellness exam + shots, but exactly WHAT shots are neccesary.(I live in a nice clean neighborhood in CT and I dont want to have to pay for anything extra that the vets just want to be paid for)
2.) How do I make sure that the vetrinarians do NOT do anything extra? (I know how they dont tell you theyre going to do blood tests, fecal exams, and all that other stuff that will be added into the cost) I want the vet to tell me EVERY thing theyre doing, nothing extra.
3.) How much should the spaying cost be?(of course I’ll get her spayed, I want the best for my dog and the world.)
4.) I was thinking of spaying her at about 5 to 6 months of age. Ive heard that if you spay them too early, they have have a bunch of cancer related health issues, and with their growth. Also, some people say not to spay them before 1 year. Others say do it before their first heat. When do I do it?
5.) I know NOT to take my dog to public places before vaccinated, because that would be bad for the puppy to become sick and whatnot. I ,of course, will be SUPER protective of this puppy as my child, my best friend. But… when is a good time to take them out to meet new dogs to socialize after theyre vaccines, like 3 days after, etc.. so the vaccine will work.?
6.) What would be a good name for her? this will be the breeder :
7.) Any other tips for a new, young, puppy raiser? Ive been doing loads of homework and have most costs all ready and set aside for my dog, plus and extra $ 1,500 for emergencies for the puppy.
I want the best for her, and also I know all about how to potty train, obediance train, socializing, clicker train, being the pack leader and whatnot. I watch dogs101 and also “The dog whisperer with cesar millan” too. I would say Im pretty much ready. But…. I know it will be SUPER hard like: waking up at 2:00 in the morning to take puppy outside, puppy having an accident(but the puppy will be supervised when out of crate and what not at ALL times.) I know it might puke on me (or somewhere else), it will chew, but i know how to deter her her with butter, tasty chew toys, bitter spray, etc.
Of course I will puppy proof the house, and everything, and the real work is not even started yet, but do you think Im doing okay?
I am super exited(ive wanted a pupppy all my life and I can finally get one!)

Thankyou for all answers! Have a great day:)
@dorothy s yes I’m sorry I forgot to add that in; My mother works from home all day and Is willing, and able, to take care of the puppy until I get home from school

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Answer by dorothy s
If you are responsible, do you know that a puppy cannot be left home alone when you are at school. Perhaps I have missed the fact that one of your parents are home all day.

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