Question by (insert name here): Puppy tranning……..?
Ok so I just asked a question about my puppy that chews on everything! Every body said that I should get him in to a class, well I live in a really really super small town in the middle of no where. We don’t have “puppy training classes” here.
I believe the closest class is 200 miles away, its just not possible to get my puppy in to a class. Please don’t say that “oh your a horrible dog owner” no offense but city people don’t really understand the concept of being 200 miles away from a big city. There’s really nothing around where I live.
So what else can I do to train my puppy like they do in those classes??
What else can I do to make him obey me??

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Answer by ozziethepug
Here is a good place to take them.

It’s hard to train puppies on your own and having your puppy at this age, start the training soon!

Boarding puppies is fine, because you will only make two trips. There and back!

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