Question by luvmy4boyz: Do you view learning disabilities the same as physical ones?
I have noticed that many people tend to view a learning disability differently, as something a child can overcome if they try hard enough.

I have had people say things like “you know someday he’s going to have to do math independently
without help or without a calculator”

would anyone ever say that about a person in a wheelchair, “you know someday he will have to be able to walk on his own without a wheelchair” no they wouldn’t.

So I am just curious, do you view a learning disability as a true disability or do you think kids who have a learning disability could overcome it and they just aren’t trying hard enough? Would you ever see someone in a wheelchair and think they probably just haven’t tried hard enough to walk?

An answer from an earlier question got me thinking about this. Someone basically said it’s not fair that one child would get words like cat and dog for spelling while other children would have harder words. It makes me think that person doesn’t believe a learning disability is a true thing and that if the kid with the easier words tried harder they should be able to do the harder words like everyone else. To me that’s like saying it’s not fair that a child in a wheelchair should get to use the elevator while everyone else has to use the stairs. Personally I’d rather be able to use the stairs, I’d rather be able to do the harder words. No one chooses to have a disability and it aggravates me when people say things like that.
Selar: who said anything about an 8th grader being able to spell dog? You just said it wasn’t fair for one child to have words like cat and dog while other kids have harder words. So you think all kids should have the same words to spell no matter what? What if the words were too easy for your child? You wouldn’t want the school to challenge your child with words more at his/her level? Why is it different for a child who has a real diagnosed learning disability to get words at his/her level? Your answer is just to hold them back each year until they “get it”? LOL WOW

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Answer by Deans
I do…and I also view a mental handicap as a disability as well. Ex: depression. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it is any less real.

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