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Question by Loki Wolfchild: Behaviorists/Trainers Part II: What is a “behaviorist”?
As a sort of follow-up to my last question (link posted below):

When YAers recommend that someone “find a behaviorist” for their dog’s aggression problem, biting problem, fear problem, etc.

…do they know who/what they’re recommending? What makes a “behaviorist” any different from a trainer? Is there something that sets them apart?

In doing a little research based on answers to my previous question, I’ve come up with my own theory. What’s yours?;_ylt=AvMD6vohzrbVxL23RI0hFRvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090708100512AAUDe6F
I guess I don’t see how identifying problem behavior and then modifying that behavior is different than “training”.

If a dog is exhibiting a problem behavior, don’t you extinguish that behavior by training them? By teaching them a replacement behavior? Isn’t that what we preach to people here every day?

Best answer:

Answer by savannah_jc23
usually a behaviorist is trained to evaluate a dog and determine where bad behaviors are coming from and what instincts, or other things can come into play of why they are doing it. A trainer is that…a trainer…while trainers have to understand what the dog is doing when it behaves badly they have to correct it. If you are gonna be a trainer you might as well be a behaviorist…you ahve to be able to do the same things if you plan to properly train a dog.

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I’m in the mood for a laugh?

Question by Ava Girl: I’m in the mood for a laugh?
Something that really bothers me is poor training advice or old wives tales about dogs that never seem to go away.

So I’m wondering, what “advice” or “facts” about dogs have you heard that are completely useless or ludicrous ?

A few examples that come to mind for me:

– a good way to teach a dog that you are ALPHA! is pinning him on his back & using your hand to “bite” him around the neck.

– feeding a dog raw meat makes her vicious.

– Pit bulls have lock jaw.

– Pugs were created by crossing ancient dogs with pigs.

– Sticking your dog’s nose in her mess will teach her not to go in the house. (a classic)

For some reason that’s all I can come up with right now….
Let’s hear more!
Thanks Stephanie! Same to your dog :)

Another silly one I thought of:

– Mutts are healthier than pure breeds
& also, thank you Bells for another puppy compliment. :)

Ignorance sucks: Oh Lord @ the “yearning to be mothers”. I have heard that one too! “I don’t want to deprive my sweet doggie of the joy of motherhood!”
UGH. The motor oil one…. it gets me every time.

Greek Man: You really struck a cord there. I could go on & on about how much I hate clicker training.
Agree entirely with the prong collar comment. I train my dogs with prong collars & they have certainly never suffered as a result of it.

Now a days it’s like people are afraid to use any firmness at all with training. “I don’t want to hurt Spot’s feelings!”
Bernese: Thanks for the nice comment about my pup :) I appreciate it!

Wow, I can’t decide what is the worst thing I’ve read. They all just make me cringe a little bit.

Best answer:

Answer by JAG
Pomeranian’s are part fox
My dog is mad at me
If you pet a dog then other dogs might attack it if they smell your scent
Cockapoos/Labradoodles/Cavashons (insert silly word) are breeds
Teacup is a size

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by cenz

Question by Emma: In a home-cooked dog food diet, do you need to cook the rice and potatoes?
Or do you just chop-up the potatoes raw and feed them to your dog, and just soak the rice and feed the rice raw to your dog?

I feel dumb for asking, but I don’t want to make a mistake in feeding my dog! I know what foods in general dogs shouldn’t eat, and plan to home-cook my puppy’s meals. I know that it’s fine for dogs to eat raw meat, as well. I’m just confused on the topics of potatoes and rice.

Also: how small should I chop-up vegetables?

Thank you.

P.S. – Please don’t tell me to feed my dog “regular dog food.” Dogs were not born only able to eat what humans decided to manufacture in bags and boxes for easy use by owners to give them. I feel best home-cooking, because of all the chemicals and heavily-manufactured things in boxed or bagged “dog food.”

Best answer:

Answer by rescue member
You definitely have to cook rice and potatoes – dogs could not digest them raw and raw potatoes can be toxic.

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Is this schizophrenia or an imaginary friend?

Question by Baby Girl has a broken heart: Is this schizophrenia or an imaginary friend?
My son is 2 years old. And he’s always talking to someone that isn’t really there. When he was an infant, he’d always look at the walls and start laughing and pointing. And when he started talking a little bit, he’d always say random stuff that made no sence to me, like “the cowboys and soldiers in the window daddy’s mad at me doesn’t like the picture” And I’d just laugh and agree with whatever he’s saying. But now that he’s talking better, and I can actually understand what he says, he’s always talking about his friend named Purple. And whenever he does something bad, Purple did it. If he goes outside in the middle of the night and steals the neighbor’s bike, Purple gave it to him. I had to put a chain lock on the door to prevent him from going outside, but somehow he unlocks that. I put childproof door knobs on the doors. He still somehow gets out. I’ve put baby gates in all the door ways. Somehow he still gets out. And every time I ask him how he unlocked the door, Purple did it. And now my son is acting up really bad. He used to do anything I’d tell him to, but now if I tell him to do anything, he’ll scream and stomp his feet. And that’s not the worst thing. He’s always trying to kill my cat. My cat is blind and deaf, and I’ve caught my son drowning him in the bath tub, letting him outside where dogs roam around and could eat him, choking him, hitting him with stuff……and on and on. And he likes to get up and take baths in the middle of the night. Usually when I go in there and catch him, because I have really good hearing and the water wakes me up, his eyes are closed and he’s laying down letting the water cover his face. The first time, I grabbed him up real fast crying, thinking he done drowned himself, but he was fine. And sometimes he’ll be sitting up in the bath tub looking down asleep. And when I ask him what he’s doing, he always says, Purple was giving me a bath. I have to turn the water off outside at night to keep him from drowning himself. I’ve put so many locks on the doors, its not even funny. But somehow he still gets out. I’m not sure if this is an imaginary friend or if he’s schizophrenic. I wouldn’t even think schizophrenic if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m schizophrenic. But I take meds for it, so I don’t do crazy stuff any more. But this is weird. I’ve asked his doctor about it, but my son acts fine at the doctors office, so they always say its an imaginary friend, and they never believe all the stories I tell about what my son is doing.

Best answer:

Answer by gotta♥me
if the doctor’s you’re taking him don’t believe you, then take him to another one. your son’s well-being is much more important than any doctor’s opinion. also, this may sound really weird, but could you maybe tape one of the incidents? then you could show it to someone so they would believe you.

another idea is to make an appointment with a therapist. i’m assuming since you’re schizophrenic that you have a therapist, so try making an appointment with him/her. if you don’t have a therapist, try finding one especially for kids and see if your son will talk to him.

good luck and i hope your son gets better! :)

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Head Over Tails for Pets? Commitment: Keeping Pets Healthy During the Holidays

Head Over Tails for Pets’ Commitment: Keeping Pets Healthy During the Holidays

Fargo, ND (Vocus) November 4, 2009

The holidays would not be the same without family, friends, extravagant meals and decadent desserts. Head Over Tails for Pets reminds pet owners “people food” can be very dangerous — even lethal, to pets. During this holiday season, take extra precautions to avoid a proverbial pet buffet by eliminating unattended food or food dropped on the floor.

The list below highlights some of the most common foods that can be dangerous for pets. This is not an exhaustive list and any decision to provide pets with food not specifically intended for animals should be discussed with a veterinarian or pet nutritionist.

Xylitol: It is a low-calorie sugar substitute found in gums, mints, toothpaste and sugar-free baked goods. Even a small amount can cause liver failure and death.
Grapes and Raisins: Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.
Onions: Onions destroy red blood cells and can cause anemia.
Chocolate: Chocolate can cause seizures, coma and death. Baker’s chocolate is the most dangerous.
Coffee, Coffee Grounds, Tea and Tea Bags: Drinks/foods containing caffeine cause seizures, coma and death.
Macadamia Nuts and Walnuts: Macadamia nuts can cause weakness, muscle tremor and paralysis. Limit all other nuts as they are not good for dogs in general. The high phosphorous content is said to possibly lead to bladder stones. Exception to this rule seems to be PEANUT BUTTER. Use only salt/sugar free ORGANIC peanut butter as regular peanut butter contains toxins and is full of pesticides.
Animal fat and fried foods: Excessive fat can cause pancreatitis.
Bones: Cooked bones can splinter and damage a dog’s internal organs. Raw bone should always be supervised, as a piece can always break off and cause problems.
Tomatoes: Tomatoes can cause tremors and heart arrhythmia. The tomato plant is the most toxic, but tomatoes themselves are also unsafe.
Avocados: The fruit, pit and plant are all toxic. They can cause difficulty breathing and fluid accumulation in the chest, abdomen and heart.
Nutmeg: Nutmeg can cause tremors, seizures and death.
The Seeds/Pits of Apples, Cherries, Peaches and Similar Fruit: These fruits are great for your dog — HOWEVER, the seeds/pits of these fruits contain cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs as well as humans. Unlike humans, dogs do not know to stop eating at the core/pit and easily ingest them.
Raw eggs: Raw eggs can cause salmonella poisoning in dogs. Dogs have a shorter digestive tract than humans and are not as likely to suffer from food poisoning, but it is still possible. It is best to use organic eggs if served raw, but scrambled lightly is best.
Sugar and Corn Syrups: All, even organic, sugars and corn syrups are dangerous for pets.
It is important to work with a veterinarian or pet nutritionist to establish a healthy, balanced diet for pets. When additional nutrient support is needed, supplements are available to assist with a healthy, well-balanced diet. Below are supplements designed specifically for pets:

Head Over Tails for Pets Multi-Nutrient For Cats & Kittens: Veterinarian-recommended multi-nutrient for cats provides extra nutrition for cats and kittens. Each tablet contains essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients–including essential fatty acids for a healthy, luxurious coat.

Head Over Tails for Pets Time Release Multi-Nutrient For Puppies: Puppies need extra nourishment to help them grow strong and healthy and to develop beautiful coats. This multi-nutrient for puppies delivers a special blend of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in timed-release tablets that taste like treats.

Head Over Tails for Pets Time Release Multi-Nutrient Adult Dogs: Supplement the diet of an adult dog with a multi-nutrient tablets. Each tablet delivers 25 vital nutrients that are slowly released into their systems and tastes like a treat.

Head Over Tails for Pets Happy Stomach: This concentrated enzyme is blended with live/viable probiotics to support a healthy digestive tract and help ease the effects of dietary change and general stomach upset. The palatable powder mixes easily with any food and is safe for regular use.

Head Over Tails for Pets offers a better way to shop for your dogs and cats. The company specializes in offering the best pet products available, including organic pet food, healthy treats, natural pet supplements and professional grooming tools. At — the premium online pet store — you will find over 500 of the finest products available for your favorite dogs and cats.


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