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Is this food good for my dog?

Question by Jordan S.: Is this food good for my dog?
This is for my 7 year old mixed breed dog. Hes medium sized. Since I dont know what breeds hes mixed with so therfor I can not just buy a book on the nutritional needs of each of the breeds hes mixed with..still I guess all dogs require pretty much the same. I like that this food doesn’t have any atrificial addictives or fillers. I am picky about what foods I feed my dogs. I recently discovered Peddigree,the food he was eating contained wheat gluten. So I had to switch.

You can can see the ingriendients by clicking the “More Information” bar.

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Answer by politicaladvisor2
it is ok

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Dec 14, 2011

Secrets for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Secrets for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Content to Include
How to Use This Book
History: How Commercial Dog Foods Came To Be
Carbohydrates in a Dog’s Diet
Giving Your Dog the Right Minerals
Phosphorous & Calcium: How Much Is Just Right?
Is Your Dog Getting Enough Zinc?
Quick Tips: Canine Diet
Calorie Tracking: Is Your Dog Snacking Too Much?
Canine Special: Newborn Pups At Home
Minimum Nutrients in Dog Foods
Danger Ahead: Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs
Quick Reference: Growth

List Price: $ 4.77


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