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Question by kwalkey: “What can a new homeowner do to fight a Home Owner’s Association against wood fences, what precedent’s?
“What can a new homeowner do to fight a Home Owner’s Association against wood fences, if the sales agent gave the buyer originally that the neighborhood was open to wood fences?”
Me and my wife were basically sold on the fact we could get a wood fence, for our two large dogs, and now we are being told we cannot. The sales agent told us we could when we decided to build the home? Any help?

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Answer by Kakoii90
You probably have no recourse against either the agent or the homeowner’s association. You agreed to the rules when you bought the house and it was your responsibility to read and understand them before doing so.
You could possibly try to sue your agent for knowingly making false statements but it will be very hard to prove.
Why not get some kind of fence that your association will aprove of or an invisible fence?

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Trevor Niarchos CEO and Founder of 220 Marketing Re-elected to Board by SDSDC

Trevor Niarchos CEO and Founder of 220 Marketing Re-elected to Board by SDSDC

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2012

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club recently re-elected Trevor Niarchos to serve a second term on the Board of Directors for 2012. Trevor is the youngest member of the club ever elected to the board. Trevor is also the proud owner of a Vizsla named Brandy. Mr. Niarchos was first elected to the board last year at age 32 after only 3 years with the club.

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Mr. Niarchos grew up in the outdoors where hunting, fishing, and sporting dogs were a way of life. Trevor has been very active in the sporting dog community since moving to California. In addition to his involvement with the SDSDC, Trevor (along with Brandy) volunteers for the California Department of Fish and Game as a guide for women, youth, and family hunts. This program is designed to offer opportunities for first time hunters throughout the state.

Trevor remarks, “I remember my parents told me if I got straight A’s before I started 7th grade they would buy me a pointer. Sure enough, that summer they took me to pick up a Brittany that we named Major. I was hooked after that. I had some of the best times of my life with that dog by my side. I still keep the certificate that I received that year for my grades framed in my house. It reminds me that you can get anything you want in life as long as you are willing to work for it.“

In addition to serving on the Board of Directors for SDSDC, Trevor is also the CEO and Founder of 220 Marketing. Trevor founded the company in 2006 with the intent of improving the way service based businesses use the internet to generate sales. 220 Marketing offers products and services to support mortgage, real estate, and insurance professionals nationwide. When you consider Trevor’s work ethic and passion for sporting dogs it comes as no surprise that he was re-elected a 2nd term with the SDSDC.

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club is comprised of more than 50 members throughout Southern California. The SDSDC exists to promote training opportunities for owners of sporting dogs such as retrievers and pointers. The SDSDC is open to all sporting breeds offering its members a wider range of training opportunities.

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Dr Greg’s Dog Dish Diet, Second Edition

Dr Greg’s Dog Dish Diet, Second Edition

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