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I have a year old dog.?

Question by mikeswc: I have a year old dog.?
She has gone through various training and is currently doing agility with me. However, her problems at home have continued she goes after my fiance. Not being protective of me, just seemingly out of fun and wanting to play like she is a dog as well. She also attacks the carpet constantly, we keep her created for the most part but she still is constantly going after a couple spots in the carpet. Simply put she is a handful. I wanted to see what are peoples thoughts on an “e-collar” (shock collar). My fiance is all for it. I am about 25% for it. I mean the dog is just insane. Before people get on their high horse and say things like the dog needs exercise or more stimulus… I do not believe this is the case… We play tug with her, walk her, run her, dog park, training classes, doggy day care, and play dates.. the dog is overworked. So please I just want responses to the e-collar and its benefits or negatives. Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Spaniel ♥
Really? This is 3rd time people are so noble using a shock collar.
Shock collars, are PAINFUL, a poor tool, and unnecessary. Lol, what’s with all the lazy people?
Your dog is just having fun, she’ll protect no matter what.

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Question by : How do I respond when someone says “Nice looking dog!”?
I have a black and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes and many people always say when passing me in the street “Beautiful dog!” or “what a nice dog”. I normally say “thank you”, but that seems a little strange to me, like I am trying to credit for how the dog looks. What could I say in response with statements like these without sounding cold or vain?

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Answer by Jamie Diamond
Thankyou is fine but try…

“(make yourself heard) Thankyou (smile and look in there eyes)” If they stop to stroke it try keeping convosation talking about possable subjects such as its breed, age, colours, how long you have had it, about grooming it :)

Just sound friendly and keep the convosation going

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Could my cat have gotten sick from…?

Question by Pink_lemur: Could my cat have gotten sick from…?
Could my cat have gotten sick from being spayed?

I took my cat to a low-cost spay and neuter clinic to get her spayed. A few days afterwords she started throwing up any food she ate. Well, I had just switched her over from kitten food to something for adults because she is old enough now for the “complete nutrition” kind. I thought the new food was making her sick, so I went back to feeding her the old kitten food (yes, I went gradually from one food to the other by mixing them together). However, a few days ago, she started throwing up again. I thought it was because of hyperactivity. I just put her back with her brother, and they play alot, so I thought maybe she was eating and then playing hard, and that’s what was causing her to vomit. However, I heard her make an awful noise today. It sounded like a dog with kennel cough was hacking something up. It was very loud and terrifying, but as soon as I came around the corner to see if she was o.k., the noise stopped, and she was purring.

I’m taking her to a normal vet tomorrow to find out if she’s got some freaky illness. I’m hoping what I heard didn’t come from her, but I have a sinking feeling it did. Do you think she could have picked up an illness at the low-cost spay and neuter clinic? She was fine until she went there. What do you think?

She not only got her first rabies shot at the same time she was spayed, but she was also in heat which probably made her surgery that much more risky.

Maybe she’s having a reaction to the vaccine? Maybe she got an infection? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

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Answer by Pink
Always possible.

Since she is old enough for adult food though, I would switch her back. Just be sure it is a high quality cat food and not a cheap store bought food.

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