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Question by : Cool dog tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????
What can i teach my jack russel. She already knows a ton! As in limp sit down lie down jump shake play dead roll over dance agility “i love you” and those are just a few basic ones she knows but does anyone know some i can teach her and how? Thanks :)

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Answer by AnnaMarie Bryant
Some I do with my lab mix are leg weaves, stationary weaves or figure eights through my legs, Twist and Spin, She’s in the process of learning to walk backwards between my legs while I’m walking backwards, and just going between my legs backwards while I’m standing, and jumping into my arms

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Fighters are not MADE they are BORN – its NOT a matter of training, it MUST be IN dog’s HEAD, he MUST BE BORN this way. Its pure genetics. Attack is a son of Bobie van de Duvetorre and is 7 months old on this video. Amazing dog, his fathers’ son to the fullest. We are most successfully combining this line with Arno and his progeny.
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