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ok, I asked this question a few days ago but I don’t think I explained myself right. My dog had her first (and only) litter of puppys which i’ve raised for 8 weeks. I’ve gotten them potty trained to the point where they whine & cry when they need to be let out or they’re in their play pen & have pads to go on. We had friends & family adopt most of the pups but we had a few left and hesitantly turned to craigslist. in the add we listed them as potty trained & when the people responded we informed them that the puppys are house trained to the extent of you listening to them & to you having the right play pen & pad situation set up for them. when they picked up their pup their was a pee spot & a small poop on his pad & they said “yeah puppies have accidents”. they took him home & even texted us the next day & said how “well he was potty trained” then less then 48 hours later they contacted us claiming we falsified our add & the dog is not trained. (they were letting an 8 week old puppy run free & unsupervised on white carpet) we explained they didn’t follow our instructions on how to care for him & we even contacted other people who have his brothers & sisters and they say they’re all trained great, with minor expected accidents. we have everything in email saved, and might end up in court. were trying to get the dog back as he shouldn’t be in an unwanted home, but if we end up in court do you think we should be liable for damages when we fully explained the extent of their training?

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Answer by Vet’s Daughter
No, you shouldn’t be liable. Keep the text messages and the information from emails, etc. However, you are right that these people should have known better then to allow a puppy to run free on carpet. I do hope that you have some proof, like an email, that explains that they are paper trained and what they need to do with the puppy. I hope you get the puppy back since these people don’t sound very nice.

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