New Social Networking Site for Puppies Has Dogs Wagging Their Tails with Happiness

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 14, 2008

Dog owners now have their own Internet-based social networking site where they can pair up their puppies with fun canine companions based on everything from breed and disposition to age and location.

As the saying goes, “dogs are people too,” and those who own puppies understand the need for canine pets to have a supportive and healthy social network. A new site,, offers a user-friendly high-tech solution, and provides a wonderful variety of puppy matchmaking services, free of charge.

As FriskyPups creator and owner Jamilah N. McCluney explains, the concept and inspiration behind FriskyPups came from her own personal experience – and frustration – while relocating to a new city and state. “I didn’t know any other pet owners, didn’t know anything about the local veterinarians, and didn’t even know where to go to find a dog park or other appropriate place to walk my dog,” she recalls. “I went to pet stores and asked where to take my puppy to meet and mingle with other puppies. Nobody had any information and I wasted countless hours on my computer searching the Internet trying in vain to find appropriate puppy venues.”

McCluney recognized the critical need for a new and innovative kind of social network, and FriskyPups was born as a positive alternative that takes full advantage of cutting edge Internet technologies geared toward social networking success.

FriskyPups offers these unique services and more, for free:

1. Dog owners have full access to comprehensive canine matchmaking services.

2. Play dates, dog walks, breeding opportunities, and dog park get-togethers can be arranged conveniently and instantly.

3. Searches can be done by location, pet owner relationship status, or by the dog’s location, age, breed, or other specific criteria.

4. FriskyPups is a complete social networking site that lets users upload pictures of dogs and their owners – so both humans and canines can connect and befriend one another.

Visitors to the site will also find an abundance of pertinent and useful information and free resources dedicated to a range of relevant topics. Browse the site to learn more about subjects such as canine health, puppy potty training, pet psychology and training, and dog diets and nutrition.

The popularity of McCluney’s newly launched but quickly expanding site validates what dog owners around the world have understood for generations – that it is indeed possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

About FriskyPups:

FriskyPups is a free online matchmaking service for dogs. Dog owners can find play dates for their dogs, arrange dog park meetings, or find a breeding match for their dogs.


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