HOW TO KEEP YOUR DOG CLEAN, AND KEEP ITS FEET DRY. Forget about using newspapers! Save your money on wee-pads! Be environment-friendly. The toilet was built using a large dog cage with its walls and roof removed, leaving just the platform, and the tray below. A hole was made at one of the corners of the tray, and a plastic pipe fitting is glued to it, forming a drainage outlet. This outlet is connected to a pipe that leads to the drainage hole on the floor. On the platform, a layer of plastic netting is added on, to trap dog poop from falling into the tray below. Dog poop is removed using toilet tissue and disposed off into the toilet bowl next to the platform. Only urine falls through into the tray. We have to incline the tray in such way that urine that falls through into the tray can flow normally towards the drainage outlet. In this case, a pipe was used to incline the tray, but we can also glue rubber door stoppers below the tray to serve the same purpose. Spray water regularly onto the platform to wash the tray below, much alike the way we flush a toilet bowl. That way, we only need to dismantle the whole set-up to do a thorough washing once a week. Remember to constantly keep the floor area of the toilet dry – use a mop. Dogs do not like to step on a wet floor to get to their toilet platform. I welcome ideas to further improve this toilet platform for small dogs.
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how cute they are looking beautiful :)
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