Question by : Are “dog people” crazy or am I evil incarnate for not being a “dog lover”?
Ever notice someone can say “babies are ugly” “kittens suck” “abortion rules” “Jesus had it coming” and they will not invoke the same wrath and barrage of angry slander that is received when you say “I’m just not a dog person.”
I have a hard time when we are out with our dog (that’s right…we have one…didn’t say I hated them) and someone will come up and ask how old our “daughter” is as they practically tongue the dog.
Dog people are crazy. You know the ones i’m talkin about. Basically, if you don’t fight for dogs right to vote, put them over people, let them fart on you pillow and eat off your plate, and give them the occasional “reach-around”, you are an evil person who should be beheaded for animal cruelty. Speaking of animal cruelty…anyone else find it ridiculous that Michael Vick got more time in prison than a guy who killed his infant daughter for insurance money? America…sigh. Look, I’m not saying Vick doesn’t deserve his sentence, but what the hell does that say about us as a society?
Read a story not long ago where a pit bull dog killed a baby and was disgusted by the sheer amount of f*cking idiots commenting about how the sweet puppy shouldn’t be put down, it should trained and adopted out, it wasn’t the dog’s fault, the infant provoked the dog by crying, blah..blah…blah… It made me furious! Barely mention of sympathy for the baby that was torn apart…just “poor misunderstood breed”
Look, I like my dog, but I have a limit.
Opinions? (got my question deleted last time) :-( conspiracy?

Sigh…bring on the hate answers…
Thank you dany for proving my point
Just how many Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel attacks are fatal?
Ray, Ray, Ray…..Did you even read this or did you just see “not a dog person” and check out?
Thank you also for proving my point!!

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Answer by dookie downunder
i dont like dogs

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