Kely McClung Up for 5 Awards Including “Best Director” and “Action Film Of The Year”

Film Director Kely McClung

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 20, 2010

Kerberos makes its official World Premiere Saturday, July 24th at 7:30 pm at the Regency Academy Theater in Old Town Pasadena.

“We were already excited to be such a big part of the festival and honored with a Saturday night screening the opening weekend,” McClung said. “For a micro-budget feature like “Kerberos” to be competing for the three biggest awards is pretty amazing.”

Kely McClung not only plays the lead in the film along with Stan Harrington (nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” in his own film “Small Days”), and Robert Pralgo (“Vampire Diaries,” “Exhibit A7”), and with newcomer Whitney Sullins (nominated “Best Young Actress in a Feature Film”), Kely’s list of chores included the writing, directing, cinematography, stunts and choreography, make up, editing, special effects, sound design, and helping to compose the score.

McClung, a martial arts expert who trained and taught around the world, and won the International Full Contact Stickfighting Championships nearly 20 years ago, made his screen debut in the American Ninja movies where he helped choreograph the impressive fights, doubled for Michael Dudikoff in American Ninja IV, and played multiple roles including the main martial arts villain.

“One of the fun parts of this particular film festival is that many of the people who will be in attendance and in the movies that are playing there, is that I’ve worked with many of them as a stuntman or an actor,” McClung said. “To now be a part of a group that I have so much respect for, as well as taking inspiration from for so many years, makes the acknowledgement of what we’ve pulled off that much sweeter.”

McClung’s directorial debut “Blood Ties” won awards around the world including winning “Action Film Of The Year” at AOF in 2007. Filmed on a ‘shoestring’ budget in Thailand, Cambodia, and six cities in the United States, “Blood Ties” pushed the limits of “no-budget” filmmaking.

Mr. McClung’s only short film, “AM Session,” shot for $ 400, was nominated for the HBO Short Film Awards at the 2007 American Black Film Festival, screened at a sold out Writer’s Guild Theater showing, and was bought by HBO.

Says Cameron Cubbison of Poptimal, “Terms like jack-of-all-trades and Renaissance man weren’t coined for Kely McClung, but they might as well have been. Stemming out of necessity and an active refusal to limit himself to one role, Kely makes feature films with high production values on shoestring budgets… His latest film is the dark, atmospheric and exciting crime thriller “Kerberos”, which blends action with pathos and character study.”

“No matter how much one person does on a movie like “Kerberos”, there are still dozens of people who gave me their time and considerable talent. I’m very proud of all their work on this movie, and so excited that we get to show them off with our World Premiere at Action On Film,” McClung said of his film.

Peter Demmon of Mediasaurs writes, “With the tagline of “The Gates of Hell go one way,” “Kerberos” is named for the three-headed dog that guards those very gates. The film drags the viewer to that dog and forces a stare down. It is a protracted, visceral gaze into the abyss executed with devastating precision.”

Action On Film International Film Festival, the brainchild of Festival Director Del Weston, burst on the festival scene 6 years ago, and is already hailed as “One of the Top 25 festivals worth the fees,” by MovieMaker Magazine. This year, AOF honors two time Academy Award nominee Talia Shire with the AOF 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award. The festival, hosted in Pasadena, runs from July 23rd through July 30th.

Kely McClung and “Kerberos” compete for five awards including “Best Director;” “Best Picture,” and “Action Film Of The Year,” on Saturday, July 24th at 7:30 pm at the Regency Academy Theater in Pasadena. 

Discounted tickets are on sale now on the AOF website.

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