Question by Mik♥: How can i get my dog to stop being such a finicky eater?
i have a shih tzu and shes such a finicky eater. they say shih tzus are highly stubborn and picky but i have trouble getting her to eat different foods and or treats. she only like certain things and they aren’t that healthy. in fact i think its making her fat.
…shes like 15 lbs i think? is that overweight for a shih tzu?

plus my dads of no help either. my mom and i tell him “STOP giving her so many treats!” and he goes and gives her like 20 😮
i want to start giving her more healthy foods and even veggies too but so doesnt wanna eat them…what can i do to get her into likeing the new foods?
~thanks for those who help.

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they are very picky eaters alpo is the best

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