Question by : Why do people say, “Blame the owner for a dog’s bad behavior?” How so, when a dog is unpredictable?
I have seen many sites and organizations promoting “rehabilitation” for aggressive dogs that have mauled and even killed humans instead of putting them down. I as a devoted cat person, do not understand it because if *I*, as a human, took human or even animal life if I was in a “bad mood”, I’d be appropriately dealt with by the legal system. If a cat, feral or otherwise, mauled and scratched up a baby or toddler so badly that it landed in the ICU, then that cat would be apprehended and put to sleep. Why is it different in the case of a dog? A dog is an animal with animal instincts, no matter how much humans attempt to humanize their presence.

I’m just curious, because different breeds have been trained for different functions through selective breeding over many centuries and you just can’t take certain traits out of certain breeds. Like, a Fila Brazilero will detest anyone other than it’s owner and is unlikely to socialize, that’s it’s nature it has been bred for, making it a threat to neighbors and small children no matter how well-trained the owner thinks it is. Why do dog owners think it’s fair to threaten the public with their animals? I can’t say I hate dogs, but their nature and bad owners have made me rather indifferent. I’ve been bitten just jogging with my iPOD on, minding my business and can you imagine what a shock that was to have a dog sneak up on you and bite you for no reason. The owner did nothing but look at me as if I was in the wrong and collect her animal and drive away very fast while I was there bleeding on the trail. She didn’t even ask if I was ok.

My cats have never scratched or bitten anyone, but if they did I would feel an obligation to render first aid at least. But dogs are different in their nature and everyone knows that, and they are more capable of killing and maiming a human (especially a child) than a cat is because that is their nature, to take medium sized prey. Have dog owners forgotten that?
@Rotten: Right, yours is the argument I am seeking to address. Many breeds are not bred to be sociable with other dogs or humans other than it’s master. It gets even more murky when dealing with a mixed breed dog. You can have a sweet natured basset hound mixed with a guard breed like a GSD or a rottweiler and you never know what to expect. No matter how much you train it, can the owner ever really know just what their dog is capable of? Every other day up here alone, someone submits a question asking what to do about their dog who is “so sweet” that just attacked their best friend or a nephew out of the clear blue sky.

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Answer by ladystang
most problems are from dogs not being trained
yes if a dog mauled someone it should be put down regardless of what human made it that way.

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