Question by 00000: my dog is 1 year old and wont stop barking?
i got him 4 months ago and his foster parents said that he never barked…and for the first month he never did. I was told that dogs “find their bark” at around a year. so anyway…then he started barking to be let out to just hear himself and to get you to play. i try not to reward his barking, because it is loud and he just does it. I tried the pennies in a can thing to scare him out of barking (a trick i was told about). He barks at the sound of the penny can. anyway…how else would i teach him not to bark…he does it in his cage, or when he wants pets…i NEVER reward his barking, but he jsut sits stares and barks…and hes LOUD…and waked up the family. any suggestions would be so great. thanks!
i would NEVER use a bark collar. I have tried saying no, and grabbing his mouth is out of the question, he only fights. hes a pitbull boxer mix, and such a sweetheart. i dont liek putting him in his cage when i leave the house, but he chews everyhting otherwise.
hes in a cage because he chews, and if i go out at night and my parents go to bed he has to be put in there…but he barks. aside from barking in the cage…he also jsut barks when he is free and able to roam the house with the rest of us. he gets a ton of attention, adn i think he likes the sounds he can make…but im not sure how to discourage his barking habits…thats why i ask

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Answer by logsdodl
When he barks then tell him NO. Only one word NO. If he does it again then grab his mouth shut and say NO. He will learn after a couple times and problem is solve.

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