Question by Eric K: Duane “Dog” Chapman; can he find redemption?
Dear friends,
I believe that the American people are among the most forgiving in the world, as most of us hold a certain level of Christian belief. We all agree that what “Dog” said was deplorable, but many people say things to their closest loved ones that they would never utter in the light of public. Does this absolve him of his responsibility to make things right to Black Americans who he offended? Of course not. But, judging from what he said on a recent episode of FOX news’ “Hannity and Colmes” Duane Chapman is deeply sorry for what he said.
My personal view is that the remnants of what he learned while being in a biker gang and in prison still linger in his psyche, but his future actions will either cleanse his reputation and soul, or doom the same.
Can we forgive a man who is struggling to make his life correct, or will we simply jettison him without giving him a chance at true redemption?
I for one, believe he deserves another chance…

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Answer by Koosher
Very well said. While I may not agree with ALL of what you said, I think you make a lot of really good points, and I agree with you. Give the man another chance. I think he sincerely tries to help people. We all make mistakes.

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