Alerts are rampant now about the risks of summer for pets.  It’s easy to tune out a barrage of messages on the same topic, but please do scan these alerts.  At the very least it can help avoid a small problem; at most it can save a life.

  • NEVER leave pets in a parked car.  Not even with the windows cracked or fan going.
  • Provide ample shade outside, and always have plenty of cool, fresh water available. 
  • Limit exercise on hot days.  Best to do it early morning or late evening.
  • Avoid hot pavement.  If you wouldn’t walk barefoot on it, your pet shouldn’t either.

Currently, there is not a statute in Oregon or Washington prohibiting leaving an animal in a confined vehicle.  Sadly, only 14 states have these laws in place.  Worth noting:  among states lacking such laws, many do have local ordinances prohibiting the practice.  And, even without a state or local law, the practice can still constitute cruelty.  Breaking into a vehicle to reach a suffering animal is against the law except in some states, and even then, only a humane officer, law enforcement or rescue personnel are authorized to do so.  If you see an animal left alone in a car, note the car’s color, model, make and license number.  If it’s a store lot, have the owner paged inside.  If no response, call humane authorities or the police.  Have someone keep an eye on the animal and do not leave the scene until the situation has been resolved.  


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