The PetAmberAlert Poster Proven Successful Time and Time Again.
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Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala is extremely tensed as she has to arrange 10 lakhs rupees thus Constable Gopi, Gulgule and Billu explains Chatuala not to worry as they will help them later, Chief Inspector Bjarang reveals his team that he has found a solution to find the Dog and also calls Dog finder in Imaan Chowki, who later reveals Bajrang that he failed to find the Dog. Gulgule gives a rocking solution to Chautala and thus they requests Pandit Khilwad to sing so that the Dog returns to its master but Pandit disagrees. How did the Dog return to his master? FIR presents to you a female inspector and her funny sub-inspector trying to solve cases. Their sincere attempts to crack the mysteries are hilarious and worth a hearty laugh. The sitcom is set in a Police Station where constables indulge in amazing antics. A space you must visit to experience an amusing and entertaining comedy.

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