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“The Dog Whisperer” (105/365)

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Day 105 – It’s time for me and the dog to hit the next stage of our relationship and for that I need some guidance, which is why I’ve picked up a copy of Cesar Millan’s "How to Raise the Perfect Dog".

Question by K9trainer: Has anyone ever used a walking jacket on their cat and was it successful?
I’ve found a style of harness for a cat that is more like a jacket and am thinking of giving it a go. I have tried the “H” style harness (like a dog harness) on my cat before and he enjoyed it but the sneaky monkey learnt how to get out of it, so i’m after something more secure. Have you used a walking jacket (“L” style) before and did it work or what problems did you have? See the link if you have no idea what i’m talking about 🙂

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Sasha’s rescuer came to us for help in rehabilitating this lovely dog who was shot in the back and is paralyzed in his rear legs. We had a donated used cart that fit, and after making a new yoke and putting stirrups on it, Sasha had a fully customized cart. Now he can begin his healing. Sasha’s rescuer, a military veteran herself, plans to use Sasha as a therapy dog in VA hospital. Visit for info about our dog wheelchairs

For the sake of easy-DIY, i use the thinnest electric PVC pipe to assemble a simple wheelchair frame for chihuahua. But for big guys, simple frame won’t make it. Here is some prototype as my suggestion