Cook’s Direct Announces Important School Fundraising Tips to Make Concession Stands More Profitable

Warrenville, IL (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

Cook’s Direct, a leader in high quality foodservice equipment and supplies, has released vital tips for school fundraising in order to boost the profitability of concession stands. Cook’s Direct is a longtime leader in the foodservice industry, and has built a reputation for supplying only the highest quality equipment, supplies and advice.

For any concession stand, variety is one of the most important considerations. Stock a selection of the most popular fare, but keep prices reasonable. The company points to the most popular fare at sports fields as: nachos, popcorn, hot dogs, pickles and sunflower seeds, among others. Cold and hot drinks are also vital – coffee, sports drinks and soda are the most popular. In addition, it can be tempting to stock too much food, but it is important that food stocks are kept as low as possible without the danger of running out.

According to Cook’s Direct, one of the most important things for any concession stand is to have the right equipment. Concession stand fare consists of hot dogs, cotton candy, nachos, popcorn, pretzels and Sno-Kones. For hot dogs, the company recommends a roller grill capable of cooking 18-24 hot dogs at one time, and keeping a supply of foil hot dog bags on hand for packaging. Warmers are also excellent options for schools to invest in.

The right cotton candy machine will also be important. For smaller operations, an entry-level model is ideal, but for larger concession stands, a higher-voltage machine with a larger bowl is ideal. Cook’s Direct recommends a specialized pizza/pretzel oven for making pretzels on site, and a pretzel merchandiser can keep those pretzels warm and arrange them attractively for customers.

For concession stands serving nachos (perhaps the most common sports field fare), Cook’s Direct recommends having a 12-15 inch nacho merchandiser and a cheese warmer with a pump lid for easier dispensing. The highest quality concession stand equipment and supplies can be found on the Cook’s Direct website.

However, boosting concession stand profitability requires more than just the right food types and the right equipment to cook, package and serve that food. To ensure that a school’s concession stand is actually turning a profit, Cook’s Direct recommends using a profit calculator, which can help calculate daily profit simply and easily.

The concession stand also needs to reflect the team’s colors to remind customers that a purchase from the stand is in support of the school.

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About Cook’s Direct: Cook’s Direct has learned through firsthand experience what types of foodservice equipment stand up to the daily stress found in modern kitchens and has built a reputation on providing only the highest quality equipment and supplies. Superior customer care, expert product knowledge and a 100% satisfaction guarantee are the company’s hallmarks.


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