► Minecraft: Kingdom of the Sky: Skeleton Painting: #6 — Story — You are about to leave your house early one morning when a stranger summons you pleading for your help. A great evil has befallen his homeland. You are called upon, you must free him and save the Kingdom of the Sky. — Extra Information — Kingdom of the Sky is an Adventure map designed for one or two people. What makes this different from many of the other maps is it actually has Voice over dialog to provide the story elements! It is the first map to ever use Youtube videos to provide the narration. This is accomplished by playing videos on Youtube when certain checkpoints are reached in the game. Instead of stopping the game to read a long text file the player will simply Alt-Tab to his/her browser and play the video to listen to the audio for the storyline! What’s even better than that is as soon as the video starts playing, the player can continue playing the map while the dialog plays in the background. Map: www.minecraftforum.net Background music by: www.danosongs.com
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