Question by K9: Isn’t the term “K9 Dog” redundant?
Perhaps abbreviating the word canine to “K9” started in the military so why add the word “dog” to the end? Wouldn’t that be like saying “human homo sapien”?
So, all of us in the dog training business are incorrect when we refer to our pupils as “K9s” – what I thought was a simple abbreviation for canine? Is the proper use only for an enforcement team – the K9 handler and the K9 dog?

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Answer by offerupthenite
Technically, no. It is originally meant to be spelled “canine” rather than “K9,” because humans have canine teeth (you know the sharp teeth, the ones that turn into fangs in vampire-lore, and also in the front of your mouth). I don’t know why they decided to name the dog a canine, but maybe it was because their canine teeth are extremely prominent and are exposed when said dog is threatened.

Other animals have canine teeth also, like the domesticated cat, lions, tigers, and basically any predatory quadruped has them.

Anyway, I digress. Canine originated as a type of tooth, but went on to be synonymous with dog.

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