Question by : Is it just me, or are my neighbors mean?
I walk my dog all around my neighborhood. First, I walk him around my house a couple times, hoping he will do his business. Then we walk. Sometimes, sh*t happens, but I always pick up after him. So this morning, I had already taken him out and he pooped in my yard. (I even pick it up immediately if he goes in our yard.) He wanted to go out again later to walk. I took him across the street, and he was just sniffing around at the corner. So this b*tch stands at her door and says, “You know we have a pickup law?” I said “Yes, he is not doing his business, we are just walking.” She said, “You know we have a pickup law. Oh, well I saw. Do you have plastic bags?” WTF! So I pulled out my bags and showed her, said, “Yes, I am aware of that, but he did not do his business.” And brought him home. And cried. This is not the first time someone in this neighborhood has done this to me, either. I did nothing wrong. This is a little “nicer” neighborhood than where we previously lived, so I think maybe this is why the neighbors are so rude. I am seriously considering moving to our old neighborhood. I miss the junkies knocking on our door in the middle of the night because they got the wrong house. At least they were nice. Any thoughts? Stop walking my dog? Move? What should I do?
Sorry, I should have mentioned I already wanted to move before this incident, but that would be another story. Most people in this neighborhood don’t walk their dogs, and now I understand why. So I am considering putting in a fence so I don’t have to walk my dog anymore. Yes, I know I should not have cried. I have a lot more issues than just this.

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Answer by shootingstar438
Forget those aholes. they just have nothing better else to do then long as you are doin everything right by picking up his messes then. walk with your head held high!

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