Question by maccole: How can I get my dog to stop “biting”?
Okay so she like…..doesnt really BITE, but she will open her mouth and move it towards you, as if she was about to bite you, but then if you just sit there and dont like move ur hand or whatever, she will bite down softly and loosely, like enough for it to not hurt one bit and for u to take away ur hand or whatever she is “biting”. and i really dont want her to do that anymore. cuz if a friend comes over, she might actually bite my friend. or maybe me, like….i never know. she is a pitull terrier mix so thats kinda why i want her to stop that. cuz if she does that to a stranger, that stranger will freak out since like….shes a pitbull and pitbulls are rumored to be terrible dogs and very aggressive. so please, if anyone knows how i could get her to stop doing this fake biting thing, please tell me how!!! :-/
Also, other than this, she is VERY well-behaved. she comes when called, sits when told to, etc etc. lol
Another thing!
she is very sweet and LOVES to snuggle. :)

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Answer by Bea Pilar
Is she still a puppy? Cause if she is still a puppy, probably because she is teething. Give her a lot of chew toys and such. When she nips you or someone, firmly say “No.” Don’t yell at her. Just be patient. My puppy used to do that too!

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