Question by ……: Dog owners: would you be mad if someone did this to your dog?
Ok so I was at the dog park – the type of park where dogs are free to run. This woman had her doberman on a big leash; the dog also had a saddle on his back (not sure for what), and with the dog owner, there was a dog trainer. When they crossed paths with us, my dog naturally started sniffing the doberman. The trainer told the dog owner, “let them”. However, the doberman clearly had extreme aggression issues that the trainer was walking around with a bottle of water to spray him. Basically, they were there to socialize the doberman with other dogs. The problem was that when their dog got aggressive for no reason, not only did she spray the dog she was there to train, she sprayed my dog, too as if to break them up. However, my dog was not being aggressive at all. What really got me mad was her attitude. She was walking the entire park with that water of bottle and spraying every dog that got in touch with the doberman while using the other dogs as guinea pigs at the same time. She was acting like she had rights to other dogs and she could treat them how she pleased. It’s like she wanted other dogs to have interaction with the doberman but the moment the doberman got aggressive, she sprayed other dogs, too. I went up to her and asked if she was a trainer to which she replied, “yes.” I told her, “you cannot go around spraying other dogs and punish them for trying to interact with other dogs. This is a dog park, not to the place to train aggressive dogs.” She said, “he’s not aggressive” to which i said, “is that why he is on a leash? is that why he’s been on it the whole time? Is that why you’re walking around with a bottle of water in your hand? I don’t even punish my dog that way so you have no right to punish other dogs whom you’re not not the owner of. Punish the dog you were hired to train” so out of nowhere, she sprays my dog with water again right in front of me to push my buttons. This is when i got in her face and pushed her. This is an old woman though. I am in my 20’s; she is most likely in her 50’s or 60’s so you’d think she’d be more mature. She said, “don’t touch me”, and i said, “then don’t spray my dog, you old hag.” At this point, i was trying to get to her (no offense to older women on here). I have an explosive temper as is so i pretty much went off on her that she said she was calling the cops. I said, “go ahead.” So if you were in my situation, would you have been mad, too?
@ ladystan:

Because of the saddle on his back, at first, i thought the doberman was a working dog or something. I did not know he was on a leash because he had aggression issues. I’d also not seen the water bottle at first…not until she sprayed him and my dog so i did not know he was an aggressive dog until later. Plus, we had to cross paths with them because we were on a pavement (hard to explain) but yeah, note to self: avoid dogs on leashes from now on.
Alright, people like Denis should shut up. It’s a freaking dog park. Dogs are not supposed to be on leash at the dog park, not at this one at least.. I specifically mentioned that. It’s not a dog friendly park; it’s a dog park.

She sprays my dog, provokes me by doing it again but the moment i touch her, i break the law? haha what a joke. By the way, there was already a cop by the park gate monitoring the area, and he agreed I was right. He told me to leave the dog park, too (they were leaving) to seem fair. I told him i am not leaving until they leave first…they left first and I left afterwards.
I am a girl, not a guy.
I see you’re an old hag; stop trying to sound all tough and stuff. I am a girl, and the woman i am talking about is not the 50-60 year old most of you guys are imagining. Hag had the body of a 20 year old, looked strong, energetic and dynamic. I am 110 lbs. If i were a man, i wouldn’t have put my hands on her period.
haha look how everyone is getting so emotional about the hag. If the hag is concerned about her safety, then she shouldn’t act in ways to provoke other people. Seems like everyone else is overlooking that. If you think you’re a defenseless person as far as your physical strength goes, then act accordingly. You can’t provoke people and then turn around and act like you’re a helpless poor, old woman when they react to you. For ex: me…at 110 lbs, i pushed her. If she’d pushed me back and i’d fallen on my butt, could i have justified what i did by saying, “hey, she shouldn’t have pushed me back! Didn’t she see i was only 110 lbs and she is way bigger than me?!? You old hags have such double standards; it’s sickening.
I choose Elizabeth’s answer as the best. You’re absolutely right, girl. Everything about your answer was spot on. The funny thing is that later, i found out these people had a 3 year old with them, and he was running around unsupervised the whole time (which is not allowed at the park)…way to provoke the prey instinct in dogs.
@ Chix or a Corvid formerly known …

Be quiet, old hag. You’re the one trying to sound like Xena over the internet. You probably pop 100 pills a day. I know i will be old someday, too but i won’t be one with double standards. I just don’t like it when old hags like you play the age card.

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Answer by Peany
Yes. She got what she deserved. You don’t go around messing with other peoples dogs, and she was clearly being a jerk by spraying your dog again. I don’t blame you for confronting her, although pushing her might have been a little too much seeing as she was an old lady.

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