DogTread® K9 Fitness Kits Will Help America’s Overweight Dogs Shed Pounds

Ogden, Utah (PRWEB) February 24, 2011

The Pet Obesity Prevention Association estimates that over 45 percent of the dogs in the United States are now overweight. This obesity is due to lack of exercise and too many calories, but what is less well known and studied is that lack of exercise and activity can also lead to a wide range of behavior and physical problems. Now included with each of PetZen® Products DogTread® motorized dog treadmill, is an easy to follow K9 Fitness Program aimed at providing pet owners with all the tools they need to easily and successfully introduce Treading as a daily exercise activity.

DogTread® and JT Clough, respected Canine Fitness Coach and owner of San Diego-based Dog Training business, Sit K9 Sit, have teamed up to produce Treading for Dogs: Instructional How-To DVD and 30-day K9 Exercise Program. In the video JT Clough demonstrates and provides hands-on techniques for familiarizing pet owners and their dogs with the DogTread®. She also demonstrates proper exercise intensity levels and tips for achieving the proper pace. Large and small, nervous or curious, Clough covers everything needed to get dogs up and running on the DogTread®.

“Dog professionals have been using treadmill training for years as a way to ensure top physical and mental health,” say JT Clough, K9 Fitness Coach from K9 Coach, Inc. “Just like us, dogs feel better after exercise and are less prone to problematic or unruly behavior. It is no secret that exercised dogs listen better and are easier to train. The use of the DogTread® and our simple, short daily programs will ensure that dogs get the exercise they need for their health and well-being no matter how bad the weather is, or how busy their owners are.”

After pet owners and their dogs have become accustomed to using the DogTread® they can then move onto the exercise program presented in the accompanying booklet. This 30-day K9 exercise program is based on over 10 years of teaching, coaching and research and presents a step-by-step guide that is easy to understand and use. Included for each day is a recommended Treading session, training secrets from the world’s top trainers, logs for recording daily performance and nutrition and resources linking to further canine fitness knowledge.

“We are very happy with the new program,” said Krista Wickens, co-owner of PetZen Products. “Exercise is a so valuable to the overall well-being of pets and people. Not only does it help shed pounds, it also provides real vitality, and for our dogs a much needed job and a purpose for each day. As a mom, with two kids and a business to run my schedule is anything but predictable. I position my treadmill next to the DogTread so that we can exercise together when I don’t have time to get outside. Our goal is to help real people and real dogs meet their daily exercise needs by eliminating some of the excuses that keep us from doing what we should.”

The DogTread® (MSRP is $ 599 to $ 999) is specifically designed and manufactured for dogs and is available in three sizes to accommodate the full range from small breeds to dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. For more information about the DogTread® or any of PetZen’s other fine products please visit the website at or

About the Company

Based in Ogden, Utah, PetZen® specializes in manufacturing and designing innovative products made specifically with your best friend’s interests in mind, products that elevate the pet-human connection. DogTread® is PetZen’s registered brand of dog-specific treadmills. PetZen® guarantees all its DogTread® products against defects in manufacturing, material and craftsmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. For more information on PetZen, please visit their websites at and


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