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Question by Chumpy1970: In the phrase “That’s a beef hot dog.” What type of word is “beef?”?
Is “beef” a noun? Verb? Adjective? I realize that “beefy” would be an adjective that describes hot dog.
Or “I want a Philly cheesesteak.” What’s “Philly?”

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Answer by clairance wayne

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New “Diving Dog” World Record Holder (31′ 05″)

Vhoebe is new world champ- diving dog record holder at 31″ 05″.

A video about my dog, Lemon, who is a retired racing greyhound, a cuddlebear, a fart face, and a herp-a-derp-apotomus. Katherine and I spent all day yesterday thinking of these: If Lemon were at a 90 degree angle to a wall…she would be DERPENDICULAR! If Lemon violated the first law of thermodynamics, she would be…A DERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE If Lemon were a middle school attack move, she would be a PURPLE DERPLE! Every year on Lemon’s birthday, we throw her a DERPRISE PARTY! If Lemon were a professional thief, they would call her… wait for it…. THE DERPETRATOR! That’s all we got…but seriously we love her very much and you can find a greyhound adoption agency near you (if you live in America) here HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: Hank’s Music: John’s Books: ====================== Hank’s Twitter: Hank’s Facebook: Hank’s tumblr: John’s Twitter John’s Facebook: John’s tumblr: ====================== Other Channels Crash Course SciShow: Gaming: VidCon: Hank’s Channel: Truth or Fail: ====================== Nerdfighteria A Bunny (\(\ ( – -) ((‘) (‘)
Video Rating: 4 / 5