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Dog Trainer, Caryl Wolff, Recommends Fresh Patch to Teacup Dog Owners in Her New Books Available August 31st

Dog Trainer, Caryl Wolff, Recommends Fresh Patch to Teacup Dog Owners in Her New Books Available August 31st

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Caryl Wolff, a Los Angeles based dog trainer with over 20 years of experience, is recommending an innovative dog potty ( for teacup pups and other small dogs.

Wolff says that Fresh Patch is particularly well-suited for owners who want to train small dogs, such as teacups, in their homes. She points out that teacups are not a breed. “The name refers to a size of dog,” says Wolff, “which is generally recognized as smaller than the breed standard for a toy dog. They usually weigh less than five pounds as adults.” Popular teacup breeds noted by Wolff include Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, and Shih-tzu.

“Because teacup dogs are so tiny,” says Wolff, “their owners can conveniently order Fresh Patch every two weeks, instead of weekly. The real grass instinctively attracts dogs, which is key to in-home training. The dog learns to ‘go’ on grass, whether inside or outside the home. Because Fresh Patch reinforces a dog’s natural instincts, it is superior to the plastic grass commonly found in indoor dog potties.” Wolff says that teacups are so small, they will think they have a whole backyard to themselves when their Fresh Patch arrives. She explains more about teacup dogs in her new books available August 31, Teacup Puppies and Dogs (

According to Andrew Feld, the founder of Fresh Patch, a single unit is ideal for dogs under 25 pounds; however, units can be joined together for larger dogs. Based on his customers, Feld believes that people are gravitating more toward smaller dogs because they live in apartments and condos that have limited inside space and no access to outside grass. He also finds that his customers are often single people–young professionals and seniors–who enjoy the companionship of small dogs, but cannot always walk their dogs when nature calls. Feld says that “Fresh Patch is designed to meet the needs of these and other dog owners, by providing a convenient, reliable solution to their dogs’ bathroom issues.

Visit the company website at for more information and to place orders.


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Q&A: Do you know a very special ” Dog Lover ” ?

Question by Dizz: Do you know a very special ” Dog Lover ” ?
Someone who loves dogs & people with a passion , too ?

Happy Eve All . D :)

Dedicated to a Papaw { a wonderful man } * smiles *.

Best answer:

Answer by papaw
Thanks!! You leave me at a loss for an answer…..

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Dumbest dog training advice you’ve ever heard?

Question by Curtis M WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY!: Dumbest dog training advice you’ve ever heard?
I came across a video…from an answer to a question…which has got to be the dumbest thing I have EVER in life heard about dog training (at least from someone who actually teaches people how to train their dogs for money).

In response to that guy: Well duh genius…that’s why you only teach behaviors with food and use corrections to stop them from eating cheeseburgers magically thrown out of windows and squirrels. You obviously have no concept teaching in a low distraction environment, and then proofing in a high distraction environment with corrections…why does that concept elude so many people, is it really that difficult?

Also! What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard somebody who accepts money for their training advice say?

(no wives tales or “My neighbor” stories, but a real “trainer”/”behaviorist”)

Best answer:

Answer by maxBirdy
i used to make a motor boat sound and tickle the bottom of my dogs ear, it made him sad and depressed and angry, and he almost bit me a few times, he hated it. so to fix the problem i would do it again, except give him a treat after, eventually he realized it was no big deal and stopped being sad.

im no trainer but i am very good with dogs, and i have to say using small treats or even ‘trainer’ treats, work best with any animal. (over patting them on the head lolwut)

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What is the reason for the “Lucky Dog” in NASCAR?

Question by : What is the reason for the “Lucky Dog” in NASCAR?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeffy.
To give drivers that are a lap down to get back in the hunt.

Before the rule was installed, drivers would “race back to the caution”; however, there was a gentleman’s agreement not to race, but to slow down and not pass, to allow slower cars to get their laps back. During a September 14, 2003 Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway, Casey Mears came close to contacting the stalled car of Dale Jarrett whilst racing back to the line during a caution caused by Jarrett’s crash. NASCAR chose to abandon the practice and stop racing immediately in the wake of the incident. The rule was created as a way of continuing the practice of yielding to the slower cars without sacrificing safety.

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