Question by Curtis M WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY!: Dumbest dog training advice you’ve ever heard?
I came across a video…from an answer to a question…which has got to be the dumbest thing I have EVER in life heard about dog training (at least from someone who actually teaches people how to train their dogs for money).

In response to that guy: Well duh genius…that’s why you only teach behaviors with food and use corrections to stop them from eating cheeseburgers magically thrown out of windows and squirrels. You obviously have no concept teaching in a low distraction environment, and then proofing in a high distraction environment with corrections…why does that concept elude so many people, is it really that difficult?

Also! What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard somebody who accepts money for their training advice say?

(no wives tales or “My neighbor” stories, but a real “trainer”/”behaviorist”)

Best answer:

Answer by maxBirdy
i used to make a motor boat sound and tickle the bottom of my dogs ear, it made him sad and depressed and angry, and he almost bit me a few times, he hated it. so to fix the problem i would do it again, except give him a treat after, eventually he realized it was no big deal and stopped being sad.

im no trainer but i am very good with dogs, and i have to say using small treats or even ‘trainer’ treats, work best with any animal. (over patting them on the head lolwut)

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