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Puppy Stuff by Puppies (Animal Communication Series by Cathy Seabrook, D.V.M.) Reviews

Puppy Stuff by Puppies (Animal Communication Series by Cathy Seabrook, D.V.M.)

This enchanting, educational book of questions to and answers from puppies was written by Cathy Seabrook, D.V.M. and Professional Animal Communicator. Enjoy page after page of PUPPIES’ carefully constructed, charming messages, brimming with their best ideas for training and addressing behaviors we call ‘problems’. Puppies hold nothing back as they offer delightful explanations that denied them in such completeness until now. “We expect full compliance now,” they say, “as mankind find


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Wonder Dogs: 101 German Shepherd Dog Films is a complete history of German Shepherds in movies! The book Dog World Magazine gave Four Paws (August, 2010, issue) is an incredible story about amazing dogs who have been starring in movies all over the world since 1921! Wonder Dogs is available here: Also on: Learn about Rin-Tin-Tin, Strongheart, and Peter the Great from the 1920s, discover the history of such famous modern GSDs as the dogs from K-9, I Am Legend, Ace of Hearts, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and way, way more! You’ll meet dogs like Flame, Ace, Flash, Chinook, Roy Rogers’ Bullet, Lightning, Primo, Solo, and Samson, just to name a few. And learn about international films from 1921 to 2010 like The Flaming Signal, Jaws of Justice, White Fang, Torchy Gets Her Man, Eyes in the Night, War Dogs, Adventures of Rusty, The Return of Rin Tin Tin, Kazan, Fangs of the Arctic, Police Dog, The Courage of Rin Tin Tin, The Littlest Hobo, The Call of the Wild, The Billion Dollar Hobo, Won Ton Ton: the Dog Who Saved Hollywood, The Hills Have Eyes, Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell, The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog, White Dog, Love Leads the Way, Radio Flyer, Chips the War Dog, Bad Moon, K-911, K-9: PI, Underdog, and many, many more! Huge thank you to Kerry Southern and Melissa Steele, who made this trailer possible! Credits: Prince: Eddie v Bullinger (SchH3 TC HIC
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For more videos, visit | A lovable and sweet dog with an ever-wagging tail, the Cocker Spaniel may make a horrible guard dog but it’s a beautiful hunting animal.