Question by jam4650: How do I keep my dog from digging up my yard & chewing up my fence?
My dog digs holes all over the yard. Some are by the house for shade. Some are by the fence – he likes to play with the neighbors’ dogs. Still others are random. He is a large mix-breed about 11 months old. He also chews constantly on our wooden fence. He even tears off slats and chews them up around the yard. I worry about him hurting himself. We’ve tried chemicals and cayenne. We’ve even tried the poop in the hole method. He has several cow hooves that he loves to chew on. I’m at my wits end. He’s a great dog other than this. He’s also chewed up our cable cord, water hose, etc…Help!

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Answer by greekangel22002
talk to an obedience trainer

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