Question by Suzanna Rose (SFCU): I am feeding a stray cat who comes to my door each day, who now has kittens that are living in my garage. ?
I have been giving her a bowl of milk each day, as well as a can of tuna or mackrel. Is this a good diet for a cat? Any advice on helping these strays stay healty would be appreciated. I can’t take them into our home b/c of our dogs, but at least I want to keep them healthily fed.

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Answer by Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs
Cow’s milk is not good for cats. Give her fresh water everyday and some canned cat food. A diet of just fish isn’t good for cats either. Play with the kittens so they become social with people and when they’re 8 weeks old take them to your local shelter so they can find good homes. If you can, catch the mother after the kittens are weaned and have her spayed. It will keep her from having more kittens.

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