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What to do if a puppy is deaf?

Question by Steven S: What to do if a puppy is deaf?
My cousin has come into possession of a bit bull mix puppy. She’s white with light blue eyes, but doesn’t react to sound. I’ve even picked her up and whistled near the back of her head, and she didn’t even turn around. My cousin is planning to take her to a vet for testing. If she’s totally deaf, he’s thinking of buying a “shock collar” for training her. Any comments?

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Answer by Charlotte
Please dont use shock collars!

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Q&A: Nonfiction Informational Books for Third Grade?

Question by Kelly: Nonfiction Informational Books for Third Grade?
Hi! I am a teacher and I need 7-8 examples of nonfiction informational books where the author is enticing the reader to learn more about a topic or persuading readers to agree with a certain idea. They need to be short books without a lot of text.

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Answer by Charm D.
Check out authors such as Terry Deary and Brian Cleary. The former writes more about historical events.’s_non-fiction_writers

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Felicia DeRamus Wears Elvis “Hound Dog” jacket

Elvis’ jacket owned by Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires.
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