Question by sweetsuzeeqz: My dog has a very bad odor problem and very dry skin. Can chlorophyll supplements help?
Every time I bathe her, the problem seems to intensify. I use oatmeal based dog shampoo for her skin and she smells better until she lays out in the sun. She is part pit bull and part black lab with short to medium length fur is mostly black with gold & brown brindle. Someone told me @ one time that black labs have glands that give them a naturally bad odor but I’ve had pure bred black labs previously that never had this problem. I’ve changed her food to help her skin but after 4 weeks there is no improvement there either so I’m considering anti-allergy food from my health food store or vet. Knowledgable suggestions are welcome! Thank-you!
We live in central Florida, have a nice lawn with no pesticides and dirt rather than sand. She has no fleas and no rashes but she does dig and lay in the dirt. She scratches and chews on herself quite a bit so I know she is uncomfortable and not just having developed a bad habit. A good brushing takes away the loose skin and brings up more but does not seem to help alleviate the dry skin. She sheds some but isn’t losing any appreciable amount of fur.
I have considered the possibility of her needing her anal glands expressed by the vet as a possible cause of the odor problem. She is spayed. I don’t bathe her very often as she hates water-seems she’s more pit than lab! And she does not like to go out in the rain if she can avoid it! She hates going to the vet but I’m thinking this is likely the best answer at this point! I would love it if Eukanuba would resolve her probs as it’s less expensive than the prescription formula from the vet! Thank-you all for your suggestions!

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get it nudered

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