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Q&A: Would a collie get along well with a papillon?

Question by I am cool :): Would a collie get along well with a papillon?
Oh and how much do they both shed?

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Answer by Kasylic
I’d say it depends on the temperament of each dog when it comes to them getting along. I have a german shepherd/collie mix and a bichon frise, and they get along extremely well.

Both smooth and rough furred collies shed quite a bit. They can get some bad skin conditions, too, so you might want to watch out for that.

I looked some stuff up on papillons and it looks like they shed a lot, too.

I listed some sites that I referred too. They have some good info on both breeds. :)

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Question by Dr. Ziggy Zaggy: why are there no species of big dogs on this planet ?
I dont mean breeds of dogs. I know there are many breeds of dogs that are big and I know that some wolves are big. I mean species like the “big cats” include lions and tigers and are classified as felines. why dont we have any “big canines” in this world ? … why dont we have wild dogs that are as big as a lions or tigers ?

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Answer by kornkrazed
Because cats rule!

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Cool “dog Chains” images

Some cool dog chains images:

The bridge guardians

Image by ibsut
Two dogs chained at the end of the bridge – probably put there to stop stock from crossing.
We stopped on the bridge for photos – every time the car moved the dogs went berserk.

Pompeii 104

Image by Roller Coaster Philosophy
Dog chained on a leash during the volcanic eruption