Some cool guide dog images:

City Sights Guide Dog puppy raisers

Image by niallkennedy
City Sights Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raisers at AT&T Park during our April outing.

Puppy Kiss, Guide Dogs of the Desert

Image by cobalt123
Puppy Kiss, Guide Dogs of the Desert – Charlie the poodle reaches up for a kiss from his trainer. When he graduates he will be given to a person who is blind and needs a service animal. ACBVI fundraiser, Tempe, Arizona.

Team Guide Dogs Starts the Walk

Image by cobalt123
Seen near the start of the walk around the park, Team Guide Dogs of the Desert starts out with guide puppies in training happy to accompany.

Photos were taken by myself and by Denny. To find his photos, click on his name as a link to one of his dog portraits of a guide puppy in training.

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