Question by ♥ஐ♥MIMI♥ஐ♥: Why does my chinchilla make this noise?
At night (and sometimes during the day) my chinchilla makes a noise that sounds something like a rubber ducky or a squeaker in a dogs toy. I’m worried that she could be sick or something. Or maybe just lonely.

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Answer by Francine J
Prone to excited sounds, Chinchillas will also emit chirps and calls according to their mood. Over time an owner will hear a multitude of these orations – all indicating the animal’s personal state. A soft cooing might indicate playfulness and comfort. A very quiet chirping can be heard while the chinchilla is exploring a new place. Some sounds will originate from the grinding of teeth, which they will sometimes do after eating. They do sneeze audibly, sometimes from the fine dust in their bath. If a chinchilla feels threatened, a high and loud bark will be heard, much like a squirrel can bark. A last resort will involve the chinchilla standing on hind legs and emitting both a bark and a stream of urine. Sometimes, chinchillas will emit a series of loud, hoarse barks that serve to warn other chinchillas of potential danger. They nearly always use this vocalization if they feel nervous, rather than in response to a specific threat.

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