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Potty Training is Possible! (Training Manual for Dogs)

Potty Training is Possible! (Training Manual for Dogs)

  • Comprehensive manual on house-training your dog

47-page book offers comprehensive information on house-training your dog. Includes sections on: deciding on the right method for your dog and your family, important information about dog behavior (i.e., dogs are denning animals, dogs are pack animals), what to feed dogs, when to feed dogs, exercise, deciding on where you want your puppy to eliminate, what triggers a puppy’s need to eliminate, teaching your puppy where to “go” outside, etc.

List Price: $ 4.99

Price: $ 4.89

Question by hotsauceg: Does anyone know where I can find a large dog collar with fish on it?
1) The answer “online” doesn’t help.
2) I have asked my vet, he doesn’t know.
3) I have tried petco and petsmart. They don’t have them.
4) I don’t want “cartoon” fish. I want it more realistic and “outdoors” looking like something you would find at an Eddie Bauer or Orvis or REI, or Lands End or something.
5) I know they exist because I saw one on a dog once (yes I should have asked where it came from but I didn’t)

Please help! :-)

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Answer by Schrute-ette

j/k. You probably have to make it.

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