Dog owners eventually start searching for cheap dog toys for their adult dogs or puppies that love to chew or are aggressive chewers. This is because toys for dogs can get expensive. The best dog toys don’t have to be costly. In the video is a Kyjen dog toy that was bought on sale at Big Lots! for ! BigLots! actually has a bunch of discount dog toys for sale all the time. Some are stuffed toys or plush as well as some touch and durable ones like the harder plastic toys for canines. But, for the dogs that just go through chew toys in minutes, visiting discount or clearance outlet stores like this one might be the way to go. This line of Kyjen dog toys is unique in that it’s made of fire hose material that is known to be quite durable. But, the toy is also soft, so owners and pets get the best of both worlds with this toy for dogs. It’s bright red and has fun designs on it. There is a looped thread to throw or hang the toy as well. The company is a known name in dog and pet products, so it was an easy decision to buy as well as the price point. It’s not as indestructible as say Kong dog toys, but again, the price of for these cheap dog toys at Big Lots was a no brainer. Thanks for watching / reading… -YT/PeepMYSteelo [
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It’s made out of 2 heavy duty springs which are connected to any standard half inch braided rope which is thrown over a high tree branch. The part the dogs teeth are actually biting is 3 feet of Kevlar rope. All together cost around and i’ve have the same Kevlar rope attached for 2 years now with very little tare. And no it does not make the dog “vicious” or “mean”, my dog has never bit anyone and he plays with this swing everyday.
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