Question by Tori: How can i help my cat to lose weight?
She is indoor cat. She has some toys to play with, but she hasn’t been playing with them since we have gotten a new puppy. The puppy constantly chases her about 10 feet to her Pedestal that she urgently climbs up too, and is isolated until the puppy takes a nap. I have tried playing with her and getting her to move around the house when the dog is put away, but she just wont do anything what do i do?

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Answer by draco42night
Stop giving her too many treats. Switch her cat food from wet to dry holistic food. And let the puppy chase her enough to get her moving. lol!!

Nah jk. Teach your puppy she’s part of the family. Not a chase toy otherwise youll have that problem forever. And if your dog is 90+ lbs and chasing a cat through your house you’ll have problems.

Yes stop giving her wet food. Wet food is really bad for cats AND dogs it helps them get plaque on their teeth, and BECAUSE they are always EATING SOFT MUSHY crap they usually loose teeth as they get older and have Gums problems later and it gets them FAT. You should only feed a HIGH quality soft cat food as a TREAT. a Teaspoon to go with dinner and such.

PLEASE do not get encouraged by people to feed your cat soft food as breakfast lunch and dinner. Usually the cats weight is 30+ lbs. =)

Rememeber they have water for hydration and youre trying to help your cat LOOSE weight. That’s why I said try a holistic dry food. It might cost a bit more but she will fill up with healthier food AND she will poop less because her body will digest the better food much better. So you save on kitty litter AND you help your cat =) win win.

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