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Why has my dog suddenly started running downstairs?

Question by Smiley: Why has my dog suddenly started running downstairs?
My dog (year old Chow) used to stay in the kitchen without any walls/barriers no matter what (people leaving his sight, people leaving /coming to the house) but in the last month he has started to run downstairs for no reason. We have now tried to put up barriers to prevent him which worked for a day. He has now either tried to squeeze through, or aggressively pushed through the barriers. We are considering buying those dog room separators now, but obviously would like to save the hassle of putting up and taking down the separator to the high traffic area of the kitchen. The dog, when he was first brought to the house, naturally did not leave the kitchen which is tiled. The rest of the house is carpeted.

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Answer by Shadow’s Melon
We use a baby gate to keep our puppy from entering our basement, which is a place she could get into a lot of trouble. You can get them probably cheaper than what you would spend on a “doggie gate”.

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Sephi and Maya Put on Their Dog Car Seat Belts

Watch how excited my dogs Sephi and Maya get when I get out their dog car seat belts. They have learned to associate the dog car seat belts with a fun car ride to a great destination.
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