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Question by Daughter of Artemis: On nintendogs how many trainer points for each different name?
I am not sure if this is how I should put it, but if you go on our nintendogs to the “go out” & the click “info” & then click “trainer Info”. It shows your trainer points, below it it says like ” Top Handler” or Semipro Trainer”. I want to know the points for each of the names. I know it matters how many points you have for each different name, but I wanna know how many points!

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Answer by …::MOONPIE::…
there have been many questions like this and im sorry but i dont know the answer =[

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Question by Janae: Why does everyone expect pit bulls are suppose to be aggressive?
No one ever gives pit bulls a chance, like as soon as they see a pit bull they run or just say “Omg its a pit bull”. Not all pit bulls are mean because my aunt has a pit bull and everybody gets along with it. So why don’t other people care for pits.

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Answer by LoLo
Media, ill informed people.

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Question by foursquaresgirl: What would be a good ending to an end of an athletic video for school?
Ok i have to do an athletic video (pictures of all of our athlete in “action”) and this video is going to be at their banquet ceremony, (im in charge of doing the video) and i dont know what to put at the end. any ideas. must be a short message

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Answer by theofficefan
” FACT : Bears eat beets “

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Allison and Tasha, a seizure alert team from Canine Partners For Life, is featured on Comcast OnDemand, April 2009.
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